PAIRING: Spike/Xander.
GENRE : Slash
PROMPT: 011. Intimacy.
WORD COUNT: 634 words.
SUMMARY: On an otherwise normal morning, their comfort levels change for the better.
WARNINGS: None. Schmoop.
. Post Chosen. Post NFA.
DISCLAIMER: You recognize them? I don’t own them.

Stuck on You


Xander woke up to the sound of someone clanging pots and pans in his kitchen. Groping beside him, he came up only with a tangle of empty bed sheets. Then, he realized it had to be Spike in his kitchen.

“Spike, what are you doing?” Xander wrapped a navy blue sheet around himself. He wandered into the kitchen, and was amazed to see Spike walking around, completely nude.

“Got a bit peck’ish.” Spike replied, flipping eggs in a pan. “Then, after I was standing here, thought I’d make you breakfast,” Xander sat down, still clutching the sheet around him.

“Where are your pants?” he asked. “Not that I mind you without pants.” He shook his head, struggling to stop himself from staring.

“Couldn’t find ‘em and didn’t want to wake you,” he explained. “Do you know where they are?” Xander shrugged.

“Did you check under the bed?” he asked, adjusting the sheet. “It’s where I found your shirt last week.”

“No, but you were sleeping and it was hell enough trying to close the blinds.” Xander winced. “I didn’t hurt myself.” He set a plate of eggs in front of Xander. “Hold on. I am determined to find my bloody pants. But eat while it’s hot.” Xander dug in, eating heartily. He had to give Spike credit. He could definitely make a good omelet.

Spike came out, wearing a pair of plaid boxers. Xander double took. Was Spike wearing his underwear?

“My bloody pants have vanished. So, I borrowed yours. Hope you don’t mind.” Xander shook his head. There was something endearing about Spike borrowing his underwear.

“Nah. My mother bought me those. She forgot I hated plaid. I wore them out of Sunnydale. But you’re welcome to wear them.” Xander got up, the sheet still around him, and rinsed his plate . “Only three weeks in and you’re already stealing my underwear.” He pecked Spike’s lips.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way, Pet.” Spike sat down, with a mug of blood. “Just lucky we’re the same size. Otherwise, I’d be pants less.” Xander chuckled, watching his boyfriend.

“Now would that really such a bad thing?” Xander asked. Spike laughed.

“After the night we had, I need a long rest.” he murmured, setting the mug in the sink. “Let’s head back to bed.” Xander moved towards the bedroom. “I could use a cuddle.”

“I could do that.” Xander murmured, slipping into bed. “Spike?”

“Yes, Pet?” he asked, slipping into bed.

“Did you ever think we’d be like this?” He gripped Spike by the waist.

“I had hunches. Hatred is just love without getting to know someone.” he murmured. Xander rested his head on Spike’s shoulder. “At least, I think so.” He sighed.

“If you had told me this four years ago, I’d have said you were insane.” He stared up at the ceiling. “I think insane love is the best.” Spike gripped his hand.

“Why’s that?”

“Because insane love is unpredictable, and has some fun in it, especially when you trust the person you’re with.”

“Do you trust me?”

“Scarily enough, yes. You’ve had plenty of chances to kill me over the last month.” He sighed happily. “I love you.” Spike lifted his head, and glanced over to Xander, a baffled look in his eye.

“What did you say?” He seemed shocked. “Can you repeat that?”

“I love you.” He stared up at the ceiling. “Is there something wrong with that?” Spike sighed.

“No. Last time I heard that it was from Buffy as I was engulfed in fire.” he murmured, pursing his lips. Xander lightly ran his fingers through Spike’s hair.

“There’s no fire.” He whispered. “And it comes from the heart. I love you.”

“This isn’t easy for me to say.” He turned his head and kissed Xander. “I love you too.”

The End

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