Rosebud Murders


Part Twenty-Six

The diner was crowded. It seemed Momma Mabel's was finallydoing a big business with the addition of new specials and bigger burgers. Still, she personally welcomed her favorite boys and the hard looking female cop with them.

Showing them to their usual booth in the back, Mabel hustled to give them menus and glasses of iced tea then scurried off to tend to other patrons. Once alone, Faith leaned over the table and spoke quietly to the two men sitting across from her.

"Well, we got everything and we got nothing. At least we know now that we're looking for a cop. A serial killing cop. Only problem is we don't know who. Medium height, slightly larger build, dark hair, and wearing a dark over coat. Shit, the old man only saw the back of the killer and that description could fit half the department, let alone any of the other police agencies in the area. At least we do have a witness. Someone who can possibly identify a suspect from the back. It ain't much but it's something."

Spike knew from the sad look on Xander's face that there would be no witness to stand up in court, point a finger at a defendant and say  "Yes, that is the man I saw"

No one had discussed the scene in Mr. Harvey's living room but Spike had a general idea what it involved. He was glad he had brought Xander along. He didn't know what he had said to the old man but he recognized the reaction. Relief, joy, even gratitude.

There was one more subject that Spike wanted broached and with the three of them alone together this was the perfect time. He just cringed at how to find a conversational starting point.

Faith watched her partner's face. She had no idea what was bubbling and brewing in that brain of his but she would be willing to bet a paycheck or two that it involved this Xander fellow.

He hadn't said much and she still couldn't figure out what Spike was doing with him. So far the only talent she had seen him display was the ability to make a poor old man cry. Not very impressive. She could do that.

Finally, swallowing half his iced tea and screwing up all the courage he could find, Spike went for it. "Listen, Faith, we need a good description of the killer. Someplace to start looking. A way to drop the suspect pool from several hundred to maybe a dozen or so, right?"

Hesitantly, Faith nodded.

Bolstered by the feel of the heat of Xander's hand on his leg, Spike went on. "Well that's where Xander comes in. Remember I told you he has the ability to read people? To know things about them without being told? Fact is, Xander's psychic. He sees things. Energy things.Well, he thinks if he could hold something that the killer held he could describe him. Tell us something about him that would help with his identification. I think we should do it. Let him touch it."

Faith sat with a totally blank look on her face. Her eyes shifted back and forth from Spike to Xander as if they were engaged in a world class tennis match.

After a good three minutes, she slammed her glass down on the table and crossed her arms under her small firm breasts.
"What the fuck is going on here? What's the game Spike? I thought you said he was a criminal profiler. Now you say he's Xander the Magnificent, mind reader extraordinair?"

Xander grinned and laughed easily. "Hey, I like that. I could have it put on a placard and hung over my work station."

Spike chuckled with him. "No, no. You should carve it yourself in huge flowing scrolls. That way you could combine both your talents in one."

Faith slammed her napkin down on the table and started to rise. "I'm outta here. Call me when you want to discuss the case seriously, Spike"

Xander turned to her. He kept his voice low but the intent was clear. "Sit down, Buttons."

Faith froze. She stared into Xander's eyes then slowly lowered herself back down. That was the nickname her father had called her. She had always been Daddy's little girl, his princess, his Buttons.

Leaning in with a serious look in his gentle eyes, Xander bent his head towards her. "Look, we don't have a lot of time here. What do you want to know? What will convince you?"

Faith remained skeptical but shaken. "Tell me something. Something Spike couldn't possibly have known about me. Something no one else knows."

Xander sat quietly for a bit, staring of into space. Faith snickered just knowing he was about to say something general like she struggled in school or one of her childhood friends lied on her or someone she loved died. Pfttt. She had seen these fakes on Montel several times. She was a nonbeliever.

"When you were about ten years old you set your garage on fire just to see what it would feel like. It got out of control quickly and burned to the ground. You told your parents you were down the street with friends. What you didn't know was your parents didn't believe you but they told the police your story to keep you out of trouble."

Faith's glass slipped from her hands and hit the floor with a splintering crash. The other customers around them were instantly silent as they looked to see what had happened. Quickly Mabel, with a pimply faced bus boy in tow, rushed to their table. "Goodness me. What happened? Oh, well, no problem. We'll have that tidied up in no time. Is you ready to order?"

Xander scooped up his menu as though nothing had happened. "Absolutely! I'm hungry enough to eat a horse. You got any horse specials?" he joked happily. "No matter. How about the double bacon burger with fries, a chocolate shake, and don't forget the apple pie after. Oh, you can put mine on Spike's check. He takes good care of me." Xander winked at Mable and she playfully swatted him on the arm with the plastic menu.

Spike puffed at the humorous comment. Joke or not, he did want to take good care of Xander and if the young man would let him that's exactly what he planned on doing.

With the broken glass cleaned up, the orders placed and the tea refilled Mabel rushed off toward the kitchen. Under the table Xander squeezed Spike's hand and Spike felt like a king. He should have known Xander couldn't quit while they were ahead.

"You know Faith, we all have secrets. Isn't that right Spike?"

Spike shuddered. His eyes bugged and he shot Xander a stare that screamed "Don't you dare!"

"Yes we do Pet, but sometimes some secrets aren't ready to be discussed."

Faith looked worried

Xander ignored him and continued. "True. True. However when you work intimately with someone. When your life depends on them and you rely on them to always have your back I just feel you should be honest about who you are. A lie between people is like an invisible barrier that prevents them from being able to really touch each other."

Faith quickly set her replaced glass of ice tea down on the table before it had the chance to join it predecessor. She hung her head guiltily and whispered "He's right. I don't know how he knows so much about me, but damn it I get the hint. I'm gay, Spike. I have an extreme allergy to testosterone. And I'm sure as XANDER already knows, I'm having an affair with Kennedy Masters. No, not an affair....."  Faith lifted her head proudly.  "Not an affair. We're in love. We're in love and we want to be together. There I said it and fuck it, it feels great. Damn, now I'm hungry enough to eat that horse you were asking about."

Spike's glass hit the floor.

Part Twenty-Seven

"Lordy, Lordy!" Mabel came flying through the swinging doors that separated the dining room from the diner's kitchen. She had a huge tray of food in her hands and the zit faced boy with a mop and a scowl on his face, right on her heels.

The heavyset black woman stood back while her helper collected the broken pieces and mopped up the puddle. Wrestling the tray laden with greasy food into one hand she smacked Spike in the back of the head with the other to stop his incessant apologies.

She then placed everyone's food in front of them and, clucking her tongue, mumbled as she scooted off. "Y'all gonna cost Mabel a fortune in broken glasses."

Xander dug in, attacking his food as though he feared it may escape at any moment. He was also happily curious to see how these two flat foots would tap dance around each other now that the beans were spilling rapidly.

Spike shoved his plate of spaghetti to the side and glared at Faith. "You're gay? Lesbian? In all the time we've worked together you didn't think to mention that?"

Xander loudly cleared his throat and gave his best warning squint. "Spiiiiike."

Faith picked at her salad, shoving the lettuce around the plate with her fork and feeling guilty. She figured after he ranted a bit they could talk. It was extremely unsettling to think that this young man across from her knew so much about her. Just as the full colored image of her eighteenth birthday and what she had done at the amusement park popped into her
mind, along with the fearful 'Oh, God, please don't let him........."

"Ahem. Actually, Faith, I think Xander was talking to me. I am the one, well apparently one of the one's, with the secret."

Faith laid her fork down and her well plucked brows wrinkled. Immediately Xander set everyone's ice tea in the center of the table out of reach and smiled with a relaxed grin that eased the tension considerably and encouraged Spike to continue.

Spike took hold of Xander's hand. The one that had been resting on his leg under the table and with their fingers tightly clasped, set them on the table top. "Coincidentally, I'm also gay. And like you, I think I've found someone I want........ to spend a lot of time with."

Spike smiled and looked into the still chewing face of the young psychic. He wanted to say the words. He wanted to say just what Faith had said, but it was too soon. They hadn't known each other very long and Spike was still too insecure.

Xander stabbed his fork into a stack of french fries and just before stuffing them into his mouth waved them back and forth between him and Spike. "We're in love too I'm just not sure if he realizes it yet or not."

Everyone in that end of the diner looked over at the three people who were laughing at a private joke that must have been hilarious. Between the broken glasses and loud hooting, several wondered if they were drunk. Spike felt like he was.

Faith was the first to pull herself together and reluctantly bring the other two back to the ugly reality of why they were there. "Well, when all this is over and done with I think we need to have a real heart to heart Buster, but right now we have other eggs to count so let's get down to business."

Faith sat forward in her seat, elbows on the table and intent concentration on her face. "O.k. so let's go with what we know for sure and what Xander seems to think is fact. We assume the killer is a cop, someone we know, and apparently someone who hates one of us for some undefined reason. So where do we start? Who fits that description?"

Dismayed, Spike looked to his partner with an unfortunate realization. Since their rapid advancement and the circumstances of their positions, the department was full of people who resented them professionally and at least a handful who disliked them personally.

"Shit, Faith. I don't think either of us is up for Best Buddy of the Year. If we go back, Cooper blames me for nearly getting all three of us killed."

Faith's hand involuntarily went to the scar on her throat and Xander flinched at the strong shock of fear that shot off his two companions.

Faith jumped back in before they could start down that well worn path again. "It wasn't your fault. Besides, there are a lot of others. Hell, even Tim Taylor, the dispatch officer, has openly called me an opportunistic bitch and I know that creepy woman chaser O'Connor has been pissed as hell since I slapped him for trying to run his hand down my pants
at last years New Year's party."

Spike looked startled. A fact that didn't escape Xander's notice. "Liam put the moves on you? Why didn't you file an SH on him?"

Faith just shrugged. "He was drunk. He had hit on every woman there and a sexual harassment complaint would have cost him his job. I didn't want that. All I'm saying is that there's a long list, Spike. How do we narrow it down?"

Spike shoved the spaghetti that he had lost interest in towards Xander who happily dove in.

"I have a way, or maybe I should say Xander has a way. I think if we let him handle the you know what that he could tell us something about the person who left it behind."

Spike leaned in conspiratorially and dropped his voice to a whisper. "Here's my idea.............."


Giles paced the length of his office, his hands clasped behind his back. He hadn't heard from either of his lead investigators in the past two days and was becoming increasingly concerned.

He had told them repeatedly that they were to keep him informed on any and all leads they were following and he hated being out of the loop. The Mayor had already called twice this morning and he felt like a fool not being able to give him even the smallest update. He knew he couldn't hold him off with the "classified information" line much longer.

This whole case was a time bomb and Giles had a funny feeling he was about to be caught up in the destruction of the blast.

Walking to the window, he pulled up the blinds and looked down from his third floor perch. He couldn't believe what he had done. How the hell had he allowed the situation to get this out of control. He had always prided himself on being a good man. If someone had told him a year ago that he would be in this situation he'd have thought them crazy.

Yet here he was. Sitting on a cliff of his own making and just waiting for someone to find him out. It would mean the end. The end of everything he had stood for. The end of his career. Possibly the end of his life.

Giles stared down at the sidewalk below. He wondered, not for the first time, if three floors was enough to kill a man or if it would just cause permanent injury. He couldn't bear the thought of living years as a worthless vegetable. Waiting for someone to wipe his arse and pump liquid food down his throat through a tube.

Startling him out of his thoughts, the phone on his desk jangled loudly and he rushed to it hoping against hope it was his detectives. Giles snatched it up and did his best to sound cool and professional.

"Chief Inspector Giles..........oh, it's you. I haven't heard from them. Look, I said I don't, I'm sure if they found anything out they would have called. Stop worrying! I told you I would keep you informed. NO! no don't do that...............Look, we don't want them to get suspicious do we?..............that's right. We just stick to the
plan, lay low and wait................Don't threaten me! If this comes out you have just as much to lose as I do.............................yes, yes, I know. I'll try to find something out and call you tonight."

Giles hung up the phone and returned to the window. He wondered if it would be better to go to the roof. The extra height might make the difference.

Part Twenty-Eight

Buffy scooted up to a sitting position in the plush king sized bed, allowing the rich high quality sheets to pool around
her less than perky breasts.

Reaching over to the night stand she picked up a cigarette and lit it, sucking the thick smoke into her already contaminated lungs.

"Well, that was a real surprise. How come after all these months of silence you decided to call me now?" She looked over at the man who lay beside her. Although personally she didn't like him, he did have a hell of a cock, and a peculiar bedroom quirk that she had no aversion to.

"Oh, I don't know. I just got to thinking about you and missing you. Thought we could spend some time together. You know, a little chit chat, catch up on old times, see what's happening. So, how's the investigative reporting business? Anything new?"

Buffy drew her feet up allowing the sheets to billow and the distinct odor of expended body fluids to float out into the room. "Oh, you know. The usual. Mayor gets an illegal parking ticket. Methodist Church holds a soup and salad lunch. Fertilizer factory figures out that their shit thefts are an inside job. Nothing I can really sink my teeth into. Why?"

The man beside her rolled over and propped his head up on his hand. "Because maybe I can change that. Maybe I've got a story that will set this town on it's ear. It's a story I might be coaxed to share, if you're willing to work with me. What I'm proposing is a little 'you scratch my back and I scratch yours'."

A huge grin spread across Buffy's face and she squirmed around till she was flush up against him. "You want your back scratched? I love to be scratched, just like a big ole pussy cat. Head to toe, although skip the head, I don't want my hair mussed."

The man next to her leaned away from the blood red talons that were aimed in the direction of his body, cringing at the thought of what damage they could cause.

"No. no, I mean an exchange of information. I give you the biggest story of your career, the one that makes you the star you deserve to be, and in return you feed me all the information you uncover. We keep each other in the loop, so to speak. Of course this agreement is just between us. I'm your unnamed source and you're mine. What do you think?"

Buffy's eyes lit up and the excitement bubbled from her face as fluidly as the cum oozed from her snatch and ass.

"I say hell yes! It's a deal! What do you think Max?" Buffy rolled over and looked at the man on her other side.

Max took the cigarette from her hand and took a deep drag. "I think this has been a surprising afternoon all the way around. Hell, no way we can lose. I'm in."

The man on her right reached over her and placed his hand on Max's stomach, feeling the warm skin and the treasure trail of bristly hair that led downward. Max spread his legs to let the hand continue on it way. "Just how big a story are we talking here?'

Angel sat up and wrapped his fist tightly around Max's growing erection. "The biggest. Serial killer big."

Buffy reared up, knocking his hand away from it's prize. "Holy Fuck! That is huge! How the fuck would someone use cereal as a murder weapon?"

Max and the other bed mate groaned in unison.


After much discussion a plan was formulated. Spike had decided it was worth a try to have Xander hold the evidence that was secured in his office safe and give him whatever impressions of the killer he could come up with. Faith had reluctantly agreed.

There were only two glitches in this idea and they were that Xander sometimes had strong reactions during his visions and they couldn't afford to draw the attention of a room full of cops.

The other problem was that Spike didn't want Xander seen. It wasn't that he was ashamed of him, or them, it was just that if they were correct, the odds were good that the killer was inside the building right now and Spike didn't want Xander put in any more danger than he already was.

Following their agreed upon plan, Faith had dropped the men off inside the parking garage next to the Corvette and continued on to her office upstairs. She would deflect any interference and give Spike a chance to slip in under the radar.

Spike waited a minute or two then followed her, leaving Xander to wait for him in the car. When he glanced back he was slightly dismayed to see Xander happily rooting through his entire CD collection.

Ducking in the lower level entrance, the activity inside the station house appeared to be normal. Several officers were interviewing people who wanted to file complaints, the coffee machine had the usual crowd hanging on it, bullshitting, and no one spoke or took notice of him as he passed. For once he was grateful as hell for his lack of buddies on the force.

Slipping, with no intervention, into his office, Spike crouched down and spun the numbers on his small safe. He then grabbed the sealed evidence bag with the latest rose bud and tucked it safely into his inside jacket pocket.

Darting out, he glanced over in the direction of Faith's office, alarmed to see she was being chewed out by a very
angry Chief Inspector. Catching her eye, he gave her a slight nod and a sympathetic look before disappearing.

Without pausing, Spike dodged around the desks in the center of the main room, bypassed the elevator and rushed for the stairs. Amazingly he was able to make it down and out without being stopped or questioned.

Hopping into the Corvette, Spike scowled at the mess of plastic cases on Xander's lap. Quickly deciding the complaint could wait for later, Spike turned the key, threw the sports car into first and squealed out of the underground garage.

Within minutes they had arrived at Spike's apartment. A front unit duplex, Spike had his own driveway with carport. Xander was eager, anxious to get inside and see what he could read about the sexy blond detective he had fallen for.

Spike turned the key and Xander hurried inside. He stopped in the small entry way and with his eyes closed, smiled and soaked it all in. He knew immediately that although Spike spent very little time here, no one else had ever called this home with him.

It was comfortable, a quiet refuge where Spike spent his time. As an empath, the emotions were what came through the strongest. It wasn't entirely what Xander would have expected. The air swirled with a combination of insecurity, loneliness, and determination.

Without asking for directions or permission he hurried on to the bedroom. He laid his hands on the rich brown velvet bed cover and allowed all the charged, purely physical, psychic impressions to infuse him.

Quietly, and with a patient curiosity, Spike followed. He stood, leaning against the door frame waiting to see what Xander had to say.

"I don't like the man you've had here."

Spike sighed. He walked over and sat down on the bed Xander was kneeling beside. He shrugged and tried to explain.

"Don't like him much myself, Pet, but sometimes a half rotten apple is better than none if you get hungry enough."

Xander nodded. He could accept that. Besides, it didn't matter. He was here now and Spike would never be hungry again. Not if Xander could help it.

Part Twenty-Nine

Xander sat down on the bed beside him. "You know he can't ever come here again don't you? I mean now that we're together you can't sleep around any more. It's destiny, Spike. From the minute I was born it was our destiny to be together."

Spike smirked. He still wasn't sure how much of what Xander said was true psychic impression and how much was just old fashioned bullshit. In the end, Spike decided that this time it really didn't matter because Xander was right.
Angel would never sleep here again and he and Xander did belong together.

In response, Spike leaned over and lightly kissed Xander on the lips, placing his hand on Xander's forearm, feeling the boys strong arms flex under his thinner fingers. Spike could easily picture a tattoo covering the expanse of muscle. A tattoo with a bloody rose and Spike's name splashed through the center of a heart.

"That goes for you too. No more one night stands. No more friends warming your sheets or scuffing your floors. You know I could dust your cock for foreign prints or DNA at any time."

Xander crossed his fingers over his heart and grinned. "Nope. No more sleeping around. No more wild nights of three and four different men all thrusting and grinding together. From now on I will only use toothpaste to brush my teeth and I toss out that old shoe horn."

"What the fuck?" Spike jumped to his feet and stared at the laughing man who stood with him. His jealousy flared and burned till he recognized the humor in Xander's face and knew that this one definately fell into the bull shit category.

"Ha ha. Very fun..."

Xander swept Spike up in his arms and sealed his mouth over Spike's. The kiss was neither sweet nor innocent and demanded acceptance. Spike whimpered and complied, opening and allowing the larger man to take charge.

Xander's tongue was hot, slick and it tasted every inch of the man he was claiming as his own. Despite his best effort to remain calm and collected, Spike felt himself give in to the overwhelming, aching need of his body. His hips jerked forward, his cock seeking it's mate. His body burned to be filled.

Xander's hands on Spike's back seared through the thin cotton of his shirt, contrasting with his own cool skin and causing a sever case of goose bumps to erupt. His nipples pebbled and tingled. Spike grabbed Xander's butt and
slammed their bodies together.

Xander pulled back from the kiss, Spike following, lips first, trying to reconnect, to search out the damp heat of the young man. Shaken and confused he watched Xander step back, leaving what felt like miles between them.

"What? Where? Why? I thought......"

Xander laughed and began tugging his shirt over his head. "Oh, we are. I just want to see what fate has sent me. Undress Spike! I want to see you naked. Nothing hidden. I want to see every inch of you as you give yourself to me."

Spike staggered back. He was breathless, slightly embarrassed, and most of all, horny as fuck. He needed just this. He had to be the strong one at work, in charge and in control. In real life he needed someone to relieve him of that pressure and responsibility. It was one of the things that always drove him back to Angel's bed. The other was a nine inch cock.

Xander quickly undressed and sat on the edge of the bed, legs spread wide, watching, slowly rubbing his own hardening flesh. "Slower. Do it slower."

Spike's fingers shook in the effort to unzip and unbutton. He fumbled under the scrutinizing stare of the man who was stroking the fattest, thickest piece of cock meat he had ever seen. The horrifying image of all that shoved up his ass made him weak kneed. It felt as though he had a dozen snakes squirming in his gut. He couldn't wait. "Jesus, Pet, what the hell is that thing?"

"That's the little farmer that is about to plow your field. You can call him John Deere."

"Oh dear."

"Close enough."

Xander knew he had an extraordinary cock. He had seen enough others to realize that his, like his psychic ability, was something rare. And like his clairvoyance, his cock was a God given gift and should not be selfishly wasted. Xander took great pains to perfect his ability to give pleasure with his cock, and knew now that the talent was only to be shared with Spike.

Finally naked, Spike stood, unsure of what to do next, quivering from the cold room and anticipation. Smiling, Xander reached out and ran his left hand down Spike's hip to his thigh. He then let his fingers roam around and between Spike's legs weighing and rolling his sac, his right hand still massaging his own cock with a slow steady pace.

Spike couldn't take his eyes off it. Each time Xander stroked to the head he squeezed and another thick drop of juice pinched out. Spike licked his lips. "You want to taste me? Lick my cock and see how much of that meat will fit in your mouth?"

Spike opened to answer. "Eckle" Was the best he could do.

Taking Spike's hand, Xander slowly rose to his feet and pulled the detective into his arms. Spike could literally feel his reluctance and heart melt under the incredible heat of the psychic's body.

Xander kissed Spike's lips, jaw, and neck before nipping his earlobe. "I'm gonna wrap you in my arms like a cocoon, Spike. I'm gonna keep you and love you and in the next few minutes I'm gonna fuck you till you can't walk. Does that sound like a plan to you?"

Spike gasped and nodded his head vigorously. Xander turned them both and gave a slight nudge, encouraging Spike to lay down on the bed on his stomach.

Xander laughed and climbed on. He straddled Spike's back setting on the round firm ass. Leaning forward, Xander flattened himself on Spike's back bathing him in the boy's heat. Slowly he began to rock, his heavy cock snuggled in the crack of Spike's ass as his weight pressed Spike into the mattress.

Spike closed his eyes and ground his erection into the soft sheets. He squirmed his body knowing he couldn't escape if he wanted, which he didn't. "Oh, fuck, Pet, you feel so good on me."

Kissing up Spike's spine, Xander reached over and pulled open Spike's nightstand drawer. A bit of fishing around and he retrieved the condom and lube he was searching for.

Spike turned his head and looked back, impressed. "How did you know that was there? You read my mind?"

Xander chuckled. "Didn't have to. You're a guy. Don't need to be a psychic to know where the lube is. Now, on your knees! I want to see what I'm getting into."

The last was emphasized with a smack to the already flexing butt cheeks. Spike had never felt so open, so exposed, so loved. He complied without hesitation, spreading his knees and lowering his head.

Now it was Xander's turn to hold his breath. Spike was absolutely beautiful. The sight of the separated white, round cheeks and the heavy low swinging balls was magnificent, but the hole was what had him captivated. Xander fingered
the tight ring of muscle, just lightly slipping his fingertips in and out teasingly.

Watching the wrinkled, tight, pink opening flex and search for him, Xander did the only thing his mind could conceive. He dove in tongue first.

"Fuck!" Spike shuddered as the hot, wet tongue pierced, licked and sucked his eager hole as Spike whined and humped Xander's face. Xander held the cool hips in a firm grip as his tongue ate every trace of taste, his own cock
throbbing from neglect.

Spike's face rubbed the pillow and a nonstop stream of moans, groans, and garbled profanity was muffled into the bedding. Opening his eyes, Spike glanced down to see a thick dribble of cum slip from his cock and wet the sheet.

Xander knew if he touched himself he would spill almost instantly yet the slow torture was too delicious to end. Finally with one last lick to the underside of Spike's balls, Xander sat back and wiped the saliva off his face with the back of his hand. He quickly applied the condom and lube and lined himself up.

"I'm gonna gain twenty pounds from eatin' that ass every night. Tastes sweeter than pie and juicy as steak."

Suddenly a picture flashed through Spike's brain. A full color image of Xander digging into a plate of Mabel's apple pie, savoring every bite and groaning with satisfaction. Yeah, he could be pie.

Deciding Spike was as relaxed and ready as he would ever be, Xander pressed the head against the waiting opening and on the second try, slid in. Reading Spike's emotions he knew they both wanted romance. Kisses and hugs. After. Right now they craved this. Fucking. Deep and hard, pounding to the finish.

Both men shook with the overwhelming need and feel of the thick, heavy cock sliding home. Xander stopped. As much as he needed to move, he didn't want Spike injured. Finally when he thought he could stand it no longer, he heard Spike blow out the air that he held in his lungs and he nodded.

Xander pulled back slowly, experimentally, and pushed back in. Spike arched his back and sighed. That was all the encouragement Xander needed and he allowed his body to take over. Tilting Spike's hips down, Xander knew that all that cock couldn't miss. He was right. Spike jerked and pushed back, his stomach clenched from the pain and his arms shook from the strain of supporting him.

"Yeah, just like that. Damn, that's good. Shit! Xander! Fuck me just like that."

Xander reached around Spike and cupped his balls. He then coated his hand in Spike's early spending as he gripped his neglected cock. Spike whimpered in gratitude knowing that, plus the continued stimulation to his prostate, would take him home.

Xander slowed, he wanted to last. He wanted to ride the body's shocking pleasure all day, still, his heart knew there would be other times. Nights of love and afternoons of basic physical joy. Oral, anal, everything they could think of they would try. The mental pictures were Xander's final undoing. He slammed home twice more and his body went rigid as he filled the condom. He barely noticed as his hand stopped moving and was coated with Spike's fluids.

Both men temporarily forgot the other and relished the waves of pulsing passion that flushed through them till, slowly, it all ebbed and eased allowing them to float gently back to reality. Xander held the base of the condom securely and watched as it slid out, Spike's pink hole now red and still gaping.

Both men collapsed together. Now they had time for the hugs and kisses they had forgone earlier.

Part Thirty

Fred Cooper sat at his small metal desk in the center of the Vice department. He had about four arrest reports to finish and knew by the time he was finished with the processing, the perverts in question would already be bailed out and back on the streets.

It all seemed like a pointless exercise in futility, but what was the alternative? Do nothing? No, Fred knew he couldn't do that. It was one of the reasons he had bypassed the opportunity to advance, move up. His dedication lay here. It may be beating his head against a brick wall, but Fred was hard headed and willing to stick with the effort.

He looked at the time on the huge round clock on the wall and massaged his temples. The shift was creeping, each minute seemed like an hour. Just as he was about to push things aside and head down the hall to the vending machine for his Snickers and coffee, the intercom buzzed.

"Cooper, Vice."

"Evening Fred. Hey, I'm sending a young lady up to see you. She needs to file a stalking report. You free?"

"Sure, Betty, no problem."

Fred rubbed the back of his neck and was almost relieved for the distraction from the endless paperwork. Ever since stalking had been designated a sex crime he had been flooded with complaints. Generally he just took the report and forwarded it, and the complainant, to the Prosecutor's office to take out a TRO against the angry boyfriend, anonymous admirer or nasty ex.

Clearing off his desk and pulling out a blank report form, Cooper looked up as a tall, slim, very attractive young woman with long dark hair and a bright sunny smile approached him with her hand extended. She wore a bright yellow halter top and hip hugging jeans. She looked every bit a southern California girl and he had a bad feeling about her.

"Hi, Officer Cooper? Hi, I'm Dawn Summers."

Cooper pointed at the chair across from him and couldn't help but return the smile. "Hi, Dawn. How can I help you? The desk officer says you have a stalker?"

Dawn dropped her oversized purse at her feet and rested her forearms on the desk. Still smiling, Cooper could now see the strain in her lips and the tension around her eyes.

"Yeah, I think so. I know this sounds kinda vague, but a lot of strange things have been happening and it's getting a bit scary."

Cooper nodded and encouraged her to continue as he began jotting down the facts on a legal pad.

"Well, it started last week. Cathy, my boss at the Gap, I sell jeans, said that a man called asking all kinds of questions about me. She said he got really mad when she told him it they didn't give out that kind of information. At first she thought maybe he had bought something and had a complaint but then she said the questions got way too personal. That was on Monday. Also, when I've been walking home the last few days I would have sworn someone was following me. I didn't actually see anyone, but you know when the spookies crawl up your back and you feel like you're being watched? Well, the thing that really capped it off was this morning when I opened my front door there was a red rose laying on the mat. No card, no delivery guy. Now that might sound romantic, but believe me, it isn't! It's scary as hell!"

Cooper laid down his pen and looked at the young woman across from him. Cooper had good instincts, a cops intuition. It was something he had learned to pay more attention to in the last couple years. It was the reason he blamed himself for Faith almost getting killed that night on assignment. His instinct had been screaming at him all night but he had kept quiet, afraid of looking foolish if he mentioned it.

His pride had almost cost her her life but no more. He now listened to his inner voice and took it as another piece of evidence. He gave it credence and weight and found it one of the most valuable tools he had. Right now that intuition was blaring like a four alarm fire. He knew this wasn't some geek at the mall record store who worshiped her from afar. This was someone with serious intentions and those intentions were not honorable.

Mentally reviewing the cases he had been handling he couldn't recall anything involving a rose so maybe this was a one time creep. A perp that had not yet advanced from stalking to making victim contact. Cooper promised himself that he would do everything he could to catch this guy before he does.

After taking all the information, full name, address, phone and having her write a detailed chronological report, Cooper did his best to reassure her.

"Here's my card, Dawn. Keep it with you at all times. It has my number here at the station and my personal cell number. If you feel threatened or if anything happens, you call me immediately. I promise I will come anytime of the day or night. You just call. Understand? Promise?"

Dawn very gratefully took the card. It was a great relief to be believed and to feel like she had a sort of big brother to count on if she needed. She took the card and dropped it into her bag as she rose to leave.

"Thank you so much. I feel a lot better. I'll keep my cell phone with me and I'll call if something happens. Thank's Officer Cooper. You're the best." The bright smile returned and with a wave of her hand he watched her
walk away.


It had been an amazing afternoon. Spike wandered through his bedroom to the kitchen to put the kettle on for tea. Walking had been a tad painful as his ass's memory enjoyed itself.

Xander had dozed off on the rumpled, sex dampened bed, and Spike didn't  have the heart to wake him. Especially since he looked so perfect there. As if he belonged. As if he were home.

Spike knew he should have returned to the station but the afternoon was waning and the early evening hours were starting to darken the sky. Waiting for the kettle to boil, Spike grabbed up the remote and flipped on the small counter top tv, turning down the volume so not to disturb his love.

The local television station was just coming on with the six o'clock news and Spike cringed as the screeching voice of Buffy Summers crawled up his spine like a salamander.

".............Holding the city in the grip of fear from a serial killer"


Aiming the remote to change the channel, he froze as the words "serial killer" rolled off her tongue. Quickly turning up the sound he sat down as she continued with her badly read report.

"........the facts of this case. It would appear that the local Sheriff's department and specifically the Detectives of the Homicide department have kept all of this information hidden from the public. Information that could possibly have saved the lives of the last three victims. This reporter who is working with an unnamed informant on the Sheriff's department promises to keep our viewers informed on the progress of this investigation. Now stay tuned. Right after this break we will be talking with an eighty year old woman who has spent a life time collecting chalk. You don't want to miss that!"

'Son of a BITCH!!"

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