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Author: BmblBee   Illustrator : Petxnd   (Touch small image to see full sized image)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: We own none of the characters used in this story and make no profit.
Warning: M/M explicit language and activity.
Summary: It is Xander's birthday and his friends want to give him a present.
The moral of this story is that sometimes a little white lie can reveal a bigger truth.
Submitted for Fall For S/X.

Manip by [info] Petxnd

Happy Birthday


Part One

The front door swung open wide and slammed shut with a solid 'wham' as Buffy hurried past the living room and into the kitchen, wheezing, out of breath.

"I know. I know. Don't say it. I'm late."

Quickly Willow grabbed the large box out of Buffy's hands and set it down on the kitchen counter. Carefully, she lifted the cardboard box lid and peeked inside.

"HEY! What happened? It's mooshed."

Flinging her arms in the air dramatically, Buffy flopped her slightly shapeless ass onto the nearest kitchen chair, her unnaturally blond haired ponytail
swayed from side to side.

"That's what I was trying to tell you. I very nearly was killed in a fiery, freeway, news at 11:00, car crash."

Willow immediately felt guilty over her concern for the damaged baked goods and turned her attention to her friend. "Oh, hell, Buffy, what happened?"

Buffy shuddered as she recalled the morning's near catastrophic event. "Well, I was coming from the Bread Head Bakery, minding my own business, and some jerk nearly slammed into the side of me. If he hadn't swerved to the left, I would be waiting on a helicopter to be life flighted to the nearest trauma center as we speak."

Willow scooted her chair next to her friend, enthralled at the story. "Wow! How did it happen?"

"Well, I had just finished painting my nails so you know I was only using my thumbs to text with, which, of course, meant that I had to balance my Mammoth milkshake between my knees and toss the term paper I was studying on the dashboard. Anyway, I came to the intersection of Walk and Don't Walk and the sign said 'Yield'."

"So what happened then?"

"Well, being the excellent driver that I am, I followed the sign and yield. In fact I even rolled the window down, stuck my head out and yielded as loud as I could. 'Coming through!', I yielded, but apparently he didn't hear me cause he just came out of nowhere."

Buffy slumped back in her seat, exhausted from the shock. Willow slapped her hands to her mouth in shock.


"Then, I hit the brake, he swerved, and the cake slid to the floor. I'm telling you, Willow, some of these idiots should NOT be allowed on the roads."

Willow nodded her agreement and again checked the cake to assess the damage. It was dented on the left and the right side had an odd finger shaped swipe across the green icing. Willow noted that it must be a popular color as it matched a spot on Buffy's chin exactly. "Well, I guess we can cover it up when we put the candles on. You did get the candles, didn't you? I mean Xan will only turn twenty-one once. We really need candles."

Buffy did her best not to look guilty. "Um, funny you should ask. I'm slightly embarrassed, financially, at the moment. But, hey, I have a Bic lighter that Spike left here last night. We can duct tape it open stick it in and, PRESTO!"

Willow frowned in confusion. "Spike was here last night?"

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Yeah, he'll do anything to spend time with me. He makes up all sorts of bogus excuses. Last night it was twenty questions about Xander. How old is he? What sort of things does he like? Is he gay? You know, that kind of stuff. Spike really is pathetic with this obsession over me."

Willow waved her hand dismissively. "Pfft. Men. Even ones of the vampiric persuasion. They are so predictably...manlike."

Buffy slapped the table to emphasize her awe. "Oh, God Willow, you just ooze chunks of insightfulness!"

Willow shrugged modestly, then wrinkled her nose. "So, I take it you couldn't afford to buy him anything either?"

"No. I spent my last ten on the valet at the magic shop."

"Giles hired a valet service?"

"No and when the cops recovered my car, the kid and the ten bucks were gone."

Willow immediately jumped up and ran to open a drawer in the kitchen hutch. "No matter. I've been working on an idea. We can give him exactly what he wants for his birthday. His choice." Fumbling around, she pulled out three blank recipe cards and a small black marker which she proceeded to carefully wrap in discarded, saved, Frosty the snowman Christmas paper as Buffy stood frowning behind her. "TA DA!!" Willow held it up proudly.

"Ooooookaa. And exactly what the fuck is that?" Buffy waited patiently for an explanation, her chin resting on her palm.

Willow was more than happy to give all the details of her perfect plan. "They are specially spelled wish cards. Xander gets three. He fills them out, then lights them on fire. When the smoke clears, he gets his wishes! Presto, chango, perfect gift for the man who has nothing."

Buffy squinted skeptically. "Is that for real or are you just bullshitting?"

Willow shuffled her feet nervously and tried to use her powers of legerdemain to conjure up a convincing excuse before deciding that that was simply out of the scope of her capability.

"Well, damn it Buffy, I didn't see you coughing up any money for this. Shit, after we went halvsies on the cake, which YOU by the way squished, and I paid on those socks I've had on lay-a-way for the past month, I was tapped out. Sides, do you know how freakin' much they get for snakes feet and toad ears these days? It's highway robbery!"

Buffy stood, outraged, her hands on her bony hips and considered any number of critical comments. She thought about driving to the store and buying something herself. She wondered about maybe a gift card or a magazine subscription. Finally, she marched to the same drawer and began rooting towards the back.

"Yeah, o.k. I think I have a bow back here somewhere from last valentines day. Stick it on top. It will look less cheesy. But remember, we have to be convincing or Xan will mistakenly think we're cheap."

Knowing they were almost out of time, Willow grabbed some plates from the cupboard and forks from the drawer. Buffy located the wrinkled, well used paper bow and paused as she reached for the package. "Ah, Willow, won't he figure it out? I mean, when he makes a wish and it doesn't come true, I think he'll guess that it ain't legit."

Willow's eyes lit up and she bubbled. "No, see that's the great part. I was going to tell him that since this is the hell mouth, I put a protection clause in it. If anything he wishes for could come back to bite him on the ass, the wish won't work. He'll just figure that nothing is happening because he's making the wrong wishes."

Buffy's mouth fell open and her eyes bugged. "HOLY MARY ON A MUFFIN! You...are..a...genius! That is just fucking brilliant!"

Before Willow had the chance to bow and accept the accolades being tossed her way, the women were startled from their conspiracy as the kitchen
door flew open.

"What's brilliant? Besides me, the birthday boy. Hello ladies, I have arrived!"

Part Two

Manip by [info] Petxnd
Xander rushed in his front door, breathless from running and geeked up from a combination of the cake sugar and the excitement.

He couldn't fucking believe it. When the girls had explained what his present was, he thought he would explode. Oh, the possibilities! The amazing limitless opportunities. Immediately, his imagination had gone into hyperdrive.

Willow had coaxed. "What will you wish for?"

Buffy had begged. "Just give us a hint."

Both had cautioned. "Remember, if it's too dangerous, it won't work." He had seen the odd look flash between them and he knew what it meant. They thought he would wish for a pony or a date with a bikini supermodel.

HA! he thought. It ain't no pony I want to ride.

He had just smiled. He had almost given himself away when they cut the cake and caught him giving the small Bic lighter a total tongue fellatio. Buffy had laughed that it was his addiction to sweets. Xander knew he was hooked on something much more tasty.

But now he was home. Locked in the privacy of his quiet, small apartment. Alone with his thoughts, prayers of thanks for the best friends in the world, and his wish cards. His tickets to paradise.

Quickly Xander rushed around locking the front and back doors and pulling down all the shades. He hurried into the kitchen and carefully laid out the cards, three, in a neat row, blank, waiting to be filled with his deepest, darkest desires. He sniggered nervously as he stared at them.

Xander stood back, clutching the magic marker in his hand. He knew what he wanted. As soon as the girls had handed him the gift and explained it, he knew. The only question now, was how.

How to word it to insure the fates of the universe wouldn't deem it hazardous and thereby cancel the request. The one thing he had learned growing up on the hellmouth was that this life was a game. If you knew the rules, you had a chance of winning. If not, well, the fickle finger of fate could poke your eye out. Literally.

Restlessly, with his hands clasped behind his back, Xander paced back and forth, the marker clutched tightly in his fingers and he muttered.

"O.k. This has to be done correctly. NEVER, under any circumstance, use the double u-ish word. An 'ish' made on the hellmouth is a sure disaster, so I will only use 'want' instead. Right. Now, clearly, what I want is Spike. That luscious, tight, muscular and well compact body in my bed. Right, o.k. then."

With no further delay, Xander scooted out the chair and sat down. His sweaty fist still gripped the marker as he stared at the first card. He had decided that it was best to keep things simple. No elaborate, leather daddy, cross dressing fantasies containing ample amounts of caramel dip or citronella candles. All that could come later.

For now, he needed to focus. One step at a time. He took a deep breath and reached for card #1.



He blew out the air he had held in his lungs and read it over again. Simple. Plain. No wiggle room for mistake. Xander was buoyed. It was brilliant. It got Spike here. It assured he would have a hard on and it would assume that Xander would blow him. It was perfect. Xander was nearly ready to pat himself on the back, but not yet. One down and two to go.

Before he had the chance to overthink himself, Xander stuck the tip of his tongue out of the corner of his mouth, wrinkled up his brow in a strained look of concentration and began writing on the second.



Xander threw his hands up in the air in triumph. Two down and one to go. He felt like he had just run a marathon. His heart pounded and the sweat beaded up on his scalp. "So, where are all those people that called me stupid now? Shit! I am covering bases like a mutha fucka! O.k., one more."

Xander leaned back in his chair and cracked his knuckles before continuing. The last one was the easiest. It was what he wanted most. It was the one that needed the least amount of thought. Without wasting any more time, he quickly wrote his most heartfelt wish.

Now, he knew, he needed to hurry. Spike would, no doubt, be here soon and he must be ready. Rushing to the cupboard, Xander retrieved a small metal mixing bowl and he placed it on the table.

With one last look at the magic birthday wish cards, Xander felt his heart swell with hope. He was suddenly given access to a situation he thought was totally out of the realm of possibility. He had no idea how to ever thank Willow and Buffy for the amazing gift, but he sure would try.

When he had regained his strength.  

If he was not too dehydrated.

Standing at the table in his small, modest, lonely kitchen, Xander snapped the small, green Bic lighter that he had swiped earlier, and lit the cards on fire. Watching them burn, he dropped them into the metal bowl and held his face over the rising trail of gray smoke, inhaling deeply.

The only thing left to do was wait.

This would be the best birthday of his life.


Spike stood outside feeling like a fool. He had been stalking the oblivious human for weeks and was making zero headway. He had even gone so far as to hang around the annoying Slayer in an attempt to discern some small detail that would give him an in. He was beginning to think it was all in vain when he learned that today was the whelp's birthday.


Spike had immediately run out in search of the perfect gift, only to come up empty handed. Spike was a vampire in turmoil. The demon wanted to buy ownership items, collars, leashes, whips and butt plugs. The damn soul wanted something else. It wanted poems, flowers, candy and, yes, butt plugs.

After all, nothing said love like a rectal insert.

Finally, with time running out, he had hit the only shop still open. Anal Andy's World of Wicked Wonders.

Spike had an account.

After perusing the aisles for what seemed like hours, Spike went with traditional. He knew the human loved candy and for now, it was a safe choice. He told himself that if tonight went well, they would soon be shopping here together.

But now he wasn't so sure. Insecurity has joined him on the sidewalk and was whispering ugly things in his ear. Things like, "The boy hates vampires." and "You will probably get a thank you and a stake in the chest for that hunk of chocolate."

Still, he had come too far to turn back now, so with all the courage he could muster, Spike stepped up and rang the bell, holding the huge, thick, chocolate cock with the bright red ribbon out in front of him.

Oh, and a butt plug in his back pocket, just in case.

"What the fuck." Struggling to squash his doubts and insecurities, Spike stood his ground and waited.

Much to his surprise, before he had the chance to ring twice, the door was jerked open wide and he was face to face with the huge, welcoming grin
of the birthday boy himself.

"Well, well. What have we here? A vampire? A Spike shaped vampire? What a totally unexpected surprise. Come in, come in."

Spike frowned and took a moment to look back of each of his shoulders to make sure there wasn't someone else that was being so warmly
encouraged into the Harris humble hovel. Nope, no one there.

"Ah, yeah, thanks, Pet. I heard the bints nattering on about it being your birthday and I..... AAAAAHHHH!"

Before Spike had the chance to finish his weak, practiced excuse, Xander had snatched him by the lapel, jerked him across the threshhold and slammed the door behind him.

Part Three

Manip by [info] Petxnd
WHAM! The door was slammed and locked as Xander's face took on a frightening, evil grin that sent chills down Spike's spine.

"Come now, Spike, we both know why you're here. You felt compelled, enthralled, drawn, didn't you?"

Xander crossed his arms and though his expression temporarily threw Spike off track, he quickly recovered. "Have no idea what you're on about, I just brought you a birthday pressie." Spike shoved his arm straight out, sticking the candy cock just inches from Xander's nose.

Immediately, Xander scowled. "Fuck! That's one I hadn't considered. Oh, well, no problem." Quickly he jerked the candy from the stunned vampire, unwrapped it and began licking, sucking and nibbling on it ravenously as he thought about this deviation in his request. Damn those tricky powers that be.

Spike's mouth fell open and his cock twitched violently in his pants. It was an action so obvious that Xander glanced down and smiled. "Hey, great, that part worked."

Despite the fact that all this was going amazingly, yet confusingly, well, Spike's suspicious side kicked in and against his better judgement, he had to ask.
"See here now Pet......"

Before he could finish, he saw a look of shock spread across Xander face. It was an expression that made Spike consider running for the door.

"SHIT!" Xander bit the left nut off the pop before continuing his revelation. "I'm only the birthday boy till midnight. We gotta hurry! GET NAKED!"
The order was emphasized with the pointing of what was left of the desecrated dick first in Spike's direction then toward the bedroom.

Spike stood frozen for all of three seconds. Still, he was not stupid. Spike had survived for almost one hundred and thirty years by recognizing and snatching opportunity when it presented itself. Immediately he stripped. Clothes flew everywhere.

When his tight black jeans hit the floor, the butt plug dropped out and rolled across, coming to rest at Xander's feet. Spike just knew he had overplayed
his hand. "Damn, look, Xan, that's not what you think."

Xander threw his head back and his arms out, shouting to the Gods of magic birthday card wishes. "Thank you!! Thank you!!!" He then grabbed the plug with one hand and Spike's arm with the other and they flew down the hallway, nearly causing Spike to stumble trying to keep up, till they reached Xander's bed.

"Now see here. I think some explanations...."

"NO! There's no time. We have to fuck fast."

Spike was stunned. "We have to.......? Well, o.k. then." Spike flung himself, naked, erection bouncing in the open air and landed on his back
There was a smile on his face and a raging, bubbling hard on in his hand. He patted the bed and waited to see how Xander would react.

Xander did not disappoint. The candy, as well as the rest of his clothes hit the floor and he eased his way onto the soft sheets next to the hard vampire. Unfortunately, the good guy in him was starting to rear it's ugly head and guilt was niggling at him. "Look, Spike, I know you don't understand this and if you want to back out..."

The rest was cut off when Spike rolled over, climbed on top and laid flat on top of Xander's warm welcoming flesh. Their lips closed together and each man's body absorbed all the feelings it had dreamed of for so long. Neither was disappointed. "If I do back out, it will be so I can push in again." Spike then dove in for the kiss they each knew was coming.

Spike's hips slowly started to shift and adjust to allow their wet cocks access to the other. Bumping sliding, grinding, but never enough. Both knew the tingle, the heavenly, crotch warming rush was only foreplay. The ravenous kiss continued.

When Xander finally had to breathe, Spike's snakey tongue worked it's way around licking the boy's ear, and neck as he whispered. "I need you, Xander. I want to feel you inside. I want to lube my cock up and slide it deep inside your body. Please? Please can I?"

Xander whimpered and started to squirm away. Spike was sure the game was over. He believed the human was trying to free himself, so Spike moved back. Much to his surprise, as soon as Xander's hands were clear, he grabbed for the bottle of lotion and shoved it at the vampire, a hopeful, fearful look in his eyes. "I've never actually.....I wanted you to be....I.....Yes, please."

Luckily, Spike spoke fluent babble and knew what Xander was trying to say. He kissed him softly and reassured him with soft eyes and gentle words.
"We will do this very slowly and carefully. Later we can use toys, hands, tongues, and any sick thing your evil little mind can think of, but this time has to be special. This time is for, I just don't want to hurt you the first time."

Xander looked up into the clear blue eyes. He knew all this was just magic, but he refused to be sad. Even when the spell was broken and Spike was gone, he would have no regrets. Not this time.

Instead of handing over the oil, Xander poured some into his own hand and slid it down the length of Spike's bubbling, rigid cock. The feel of the tight warm fist was such a promise and preview of things to come, that Spike gasped.

"Feel good?"

"Oh, Love, you have no idea."

"Then show me, show me how good it can feel"

Spike quickly stroked his own cock to wet his fingers and he pushed just the tip of one inside the impossibly tight, fearful hole. Xander spread his legs further and tried to relax. He had an idea what to expect. He had inserted other things into himself pretending they had a certain blond vampire attached to them, but nothing compared to this, the real feel of a wiggly knuckle.

Xander closed his eyes. Every nerve ending in his body tingled with the feeling of Spike fingering him. Automatically his hand went to his own cock to stroke and heighten the pleasure. Spike smiled, but warned him. "Don't you cum till I'm inside you."

Xander's hooded eyes opened and looked up. "Then you better hurry."

Spike withdrew his fingers and rose to his knees between Xander's legs. He quickly and efficiently lifted Xander's legs up and placed them on his shoulders. Spike wanted to wait, whisper sweet nothings, cuddle and play, but he too felt an urgency of time. For whatever the reason for this unexpected liaison, Spike desperately needed to be inside Xander's hot, welcoming hole.

Spike held his cock just under the spongy head and he pushed. As soon as he breached the human's opening, the wrinkled, muscled hole clamped around and sucked him in.


It was the only thing each could say, so they repeated it continuously with each movement in or out of the physical connection. Xander's legs pressed down as he tried to raise his hips higher and drive the intrusion deeper, all the time his fist stroked faster, craving and seeking the rush of euphoric bliss of a shared orgasm. "Harder. Jesus, Spike, so good, so good....I need, damn, Spike."

Spike wanted to be gentle, the soul told him to hold back but when he scented the faint trace of small anal tears, his demon's possessive need to own surged through him like a freight train.

Throwing his head back, he slipped into game face and before he could stop himself, he bit, plunging his razor sharp fangs into his boy's inner thigh. It caused a bolt of fire that shot through both of them and exploded through their cocks and balls into orgasms that strained every muscle in their bodies like whiplash.

It was a physical release that cemented an emotional attachment both men had long dreamt of having. It was a completion. A connection.

When the fog of passion had lifted and both men collapsed, exhausted, together on the bed, Spike quickly flipped and flopped his human around till he was spooned back against him. He still didn't have a clue as to what had happened, but really didn't care. He knew there was no way he would lose Xander now.

Xander squinted, looking at the red numbers on his bed side clock. 12:05am. Birthday over. Spell broken and Spike was still here. He smiled as he
remembered what he had written on the third card. A card he apparently hadn't needed. It read:


The End

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