Word Count: 1,850
Rating: Hard R
Summary: With two Xanders around, Spike decides to have a bit of fun.
Disclaimer: These characters definitely don't belong to me. They belong to Joss Whedon and I do this only for the fun.
Author's Note: Written for [info]entrenous88's Two Xanders are Better than One Brouhaha. I pretty much had this go AU (well, obviously, lol) after they killed Toth and made it so Willow didn't know the spell just yet. So, as much as I love Giles' line "Clearly he's a bad influence on himself." that hasn't happened.

Punishment or Reward?

Blue Icy Rose

Spike stared at the sight before him. Either he’d been more evil than he’d ever realized and was being punished or the Powers were finally rewarding him for helping out the Slayer, even if he did do it mostly out of boredom.

Two Xanders.

And here, he’d thought that tonight would be dull. Instead of finding them all researching or doing something else he could interrupt in hopes of annoying the group, he’d found them all staring in fascination at Xander…and Xander.

They were dressed differently, one wearing one of those awful Hawaiian print shirts that the boy seemed to have an endless supply of and the other wearing a solid blue shirt with pants that actually matched.

Anya had left when she’d realized they were going to try and put the two back together before she had a chance at threesome sex with them. Not to mention that Buffy had taken the opportunity to point out that Anya’s arm was injured anyway so it wouldn’t be all that comfortable.

“Are you sure you can’t put us back together tonight?”

Spike turned and studied the one that he’d silently started calling Xander 1. After all, he seemed closer to the Xander he was used to seeing, from the clothes to the jokes. Xander 2 was the new one, the one who actually had some taste in clothes.

And the one who had been sneaking looks at him since he’d gotten there.

His thoughts were interrupted by Willow, who was shaking her head with a frown.

“Sorry, Xander…s. I still have to find the spell and then I have to find out what I need and see if I have all the ingredients…”

Xander 2 held up his hand. “Don’t worry about it, Willow. We get it.” He gave her a reassuring smile. “We’ll figure something out until then.”

Buffy bit her lip. “Do you guys want me to walk with you or will you be okay?”

Xander 2 shook his head. “We’ll be fine, I think.” He looked over at Xander 1 who nodded in agreement.

“No worries, Buff. Me and my not so evil twin can get home just fine.”

She raised an eyebrow. “You’re taking this pretty well considering you were trying to shoot yourself less than an hour ago.”

Xander 1 shrugged. “Well, now that I know he’s not evil and he’s just another part of me, it’s all okay. He’s going to explain in more detail how he got that promotion.”

Xander 2 sighed and shook his head. “I keep telling you that it’s all about having confidence in yourself.”

“So, confidence in you?”


Xander 1 seemed to consider this for a moment before shrugging. “Sounds easy enough. You’ve already got the job, the apartment…what’s not to have confidence in, right?” he asked with a laugh, some emotion that Spike couldn’t quite identify flashing through his eyes. Xander 2 looked like he was going to say something for a moment but then he was shaking his head and glancing at the others.

“Right. So, we’ll see you tomorrow.”

Willow brightened. “You want to help with research?”

Xander 2 shook his head again. “Wills, I’m letting you in on a secret. I like reading but research? Not so much.”

She pouted. “Is that a no?”

Xander 2 laughed. “That’s a definite no.”

Xander 1 rocked a bit on his heels. “Come on, there’s supposed to be a Farscape marathon tonight and if we leave now, I can take a quick shower before it starts,” he said. Xander 2 grinned and turned, letting his eyes roam over Spike before he left the store.

Spike raised an eyebrow as he watched the two go.

Well, this was…interesting.


“Okay, okay! I’m coming. Yeesh.”

Not yet, you’re not. Spike thought as he waited for one of the Xanders to open the door thirty minutes later. The apartment hadn't been hard to find, he'd only had to follow Xander's scent.

Xander 1 blinked when he opened the door to find Spike. Spike smirked.

“Going to invite me in?”


Xander 2 walked up behind Xander 1 and returned Spike’s smirk with one of his own. “Come in, Spike.”

Xander 1’s eyes widened. “What did you do that for?”

“What? It’s not like he’s going to drain us dry.” Xander 2 turned and headed back towards the living room, dropping onto the couch.

Spike stepped through the door, letting his mind wander to the thought of what Xander’s blood would taste like. He swallowed a groan and shook his head, giving Xander 1 a look that had always seemed to annoy him when he was living in that craphole of a basement. And it didn’t fail to now if that glare was anything to go by.

“What are you doing here anyway?” Xander 1 demanded. Spike turned and smirked before turning back to the other Xander.

“Thought I’d drop by, see if you were up to doing anything with me.” He let the intention show clearly on his face as he let his eyes roam over Xander 2, much as the young man had done back at the shop.

Xander 2 grinned, understanding in his eyes and Spike wondered how long the boy had wanted him and how he’d managed to keep it hidden for so long.

“I’m up for anything you are, Spike.”

Spike grinned even as Xander 1 stared at the two of them as if they were insane. Which they might be, Spike wasn’t sure. All he knew was that he’d wanted the boy for awhile now and this seemed to be his best chance. He moved forward until he was standing in front of Xander 2 and took off his duster, draping it over the back of the couch.

“What are you doing?” Xander 1 asked. His voice was practically at a squeak as Spike took a step towards Xander 2.

“Would have thought it was obvious, Harris,” Spike told him. Before continuing, he dropped down and straddled Xander 2, who immediately slid his hands down Spike’s sides. “I’m taking what I want.”

Xander 1 apparently didn’t have an answer to that and so Spike began to unbutton Xander 2’s shirt.

“Going to at least kiss me? I’m not that easy, you know.”

Spike smirked and leaned forward, sucking on his lower lip as he slid his hands beneath the shirt to find warm skin. The pace of the kiss changed as the boy started to participate a bit more, his hands roaming down Spike’s back and underneath his shirt. The blue shirt was thrown to the floor and they briefly pulled apart so that Spike’s black shirt could join it.

He grunted as he was pushed to the floor. “What the bloody hell did you do that for?” he demanded.

“Take off your shoes and socks now, Spike. I don’t want them getting in the way later.” Xander 2 smirked as he turned to do the same while Xander 1 continued to look at them, jaw hanging open.

Shoes and socks were quickly thrown to the side, as were belts and then Spike was pulling Xander 2 down on the floor with him and pushing him until he was on his back.

“Hard for me already, aren’t you?” Spike asked as he slid one hand down a tan chest and flicked open the button on his pants.

“Yes,” he groaned. Spike smirked as he worked Xander’s pants down, fighting back a laugh at the gasp that came from behind him. He felt a flash of satisfaction at the smell of arousal coming from behind him as well as below him. For now though, he concentrated on the boy below. He leaned down and licked, from base to tip.

“Spike.” It was nothing more than a gasp and Spike grinned before he pulled the pants completely off and threw them to the side. He moved back and did the same with his jeans before leaning down and biting gently on the inside of Xander’s thigh while looking up. Xander 2 moaned and from behind he heard the rustle of clothes as Xander 1 took a step forward. Before either could say anything he gave another long lick before fastening his lips around the tip of Xander 2’s cock and sucking.

A hand tangled in his hair and Spike slowly lowered his head down over Xander’s cock, keeping his lips tight.

“Spike’s lips are on my twin’s…on my….” Xander 1 trailed off, his voice dazed.

“Cock,” Xander 2 finished, thrusting up. His hands began to move over Spike’s skin causing him to moan at the heat seeping into him with every touch. His tongue curled, sliding over Xander. “Not breathing has advantages,” he breathed. Spike laughed around Xander 2’s penis, sending shivers down his spine at the sensation.

And then there was another hand on Spike’s back, sliding down to cup his balls and then his own cock was engulfed in heat and Spike pulled back to moan and look down to see another naked Xander lying beneath him.

“Oh bloody hell.” It was all he managed as he shifted his knees to give easier access. He lowered his head again and the heat was around him, in him and as two sets of burning hands moved over his body all Spike could do was moan and wrap his hands around Xander 2’s hips to hold him down. He opened his eyes and paused to see that Xander 1 had wrapped a hand around his own cock and was making sure his hand and mouth kept the same pace.

The speed of their movements increased and Spike moved one hand from Xander 2’s waist and slid it underneath him, lifting him slightly. He seemed to get the silent hint and held himself there and then he was crying out as Spike found his hole and gently thrust a finger inside him, moaning Spike’s name as he came.

Spike pulled back, grinning as he licked his lips and looked up at Xander 2, thrusting down slightly into Xander 1’s mouth.

Xander 2 grinned and shifted until he could lean over and kiss Spike. Spike didn’t know where the boy had learned to kiss like that or where he’d learned to give a damn good blow job and he didn’t care. He began to pant as he got closer and closer and then Xander 2 slid his mouth down to Spike’s neck and bit down hard just as Xander 1 deep throated him and Spike howled as he came, vaguely registering the fact the moan that indicated Xander 1 had come as well.

Xander 1 let his head fall back against the carpet and Spike rolled over so that he could stare at the ceiling. Xander 2 settled in next to the both of them.

Xander 1 let out a breath as he rested an arm against his forehead. “Well, I think it’s safe to say that the apartment’s been christened.”

Spike snorted, then laughed as he remembered his thoughts from earlier that day.

Reward. Definitely a reward.

The End

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