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Title: Wait For It
Pairing: Spike
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own all. I. Am. Jeebus!
Feedback: Jeebus knows your thoughts before you think them, silly mortals!
Notes/Spoilers/Warnings: Post-NFA, make of that what you will!
Summary: Post-NFA drabble-age.

Wait For It


Wait For It

He never did shanshu.

Angel had been beheaded by his dragon during its death-throes.

Gunn had simply fallen, from exhaustion or blood-loss, and was promptly eaten by some - thing.

He doesn’t know what happened to Illyria.

A small army of Slayers in an attack-helicopter had pulled his arse out of the very literal fire.

He never did shanshu.

He was taken to Cleveland, put to work training new Slayers.

He went by William and kept to himself.

He lived off pig’s blood.

He never spoke of unlife before Ohio.

He never did shanshu.


Time passes. He waits.

For what? He doesn’t know. Maybe it’s just that the Midwestern winters get to him, make his blood run slower after years spent in Africa.

Maybe it’s that - even if the answer isn’t an unequivocal no, deep down, he knows that neither of them are ready for this.

Maybe it’s common sense gasping its last.

Whatever it is, there comes a day, after three years of wondering, waiting and fretting, when the reasons for keeping his distance just don’t matter anymore.

He marches through the Council’s dormitory wing, trying to muster and mutter himself courageous. He doesn’t notice the SITs' admiring whispers and giggles following him. He never has.

Long before he’s ready, he’s standing in a dim, unfrequented hallway, knocking briskly and firmly on a certain door. When it opens just a crack wary, bookish, blue eyes regard him from under a mop of sandy-colored hair.

“Xander.” That voice - God, that voice. His spine is melting into his shoes. He knows he has to ask before he wimps out and runs back to Africa - or worse, another three years get wasted on waiting -

“William. Could we, uh, maybe catch a movie together, sometime?”

William Is

William is a reserved man.

His smiles are hesitant, all-too rare. Xander considers it his primary job to surprise them out of hiding. Something that he’s honored and uniquely suited to do.

William is a quiet man.

There’s no banter between them. Some days, Xander wishes he was back in the Basement of Doom, just for the snark.

William is a self-contained man.

Even in the dark of night, when climax is as close as Xander’s name, William doesn’t let go completely.

William is a loving man.

Xander feels the love shining out of those still, blue eyes and is. . . content.


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