Warnings:Dark themes
Notes: Beta'd by the wonderful [info]spikeslovebite and [info]entrenous88; completed with encouragement from [info]raemcn who held my virtual hand during the writing process and told me yes I could write Spander.

Summary: An investigation into Riley's suspicious behavior reveals Xander's own dark and hidden desires.



The soldier had been looking like hell the last few weeks and a few days ago Xander saw a fresh bite mark on the other man’s arm. It struck him as strange. How did one get bitten on the arm? Vampires tended to always go for the neck. Goodness knows he had been attacked often enough to know that.

So he watched. Today he noticed a different bite mark - also on the arm. It seemed fresh as well. Confusion warred with suspicion in Xander’s mind. What was going on and who was biting Riley?

He knew he should talk to Buffy. To ask her if she knew what was going on, but he was hesitant. If there was some kind of problem, how could Buffy deal with it now? With her mom in the hospital and that strange woman looking for her Key, how could he burden her with questions and problems?

Xander nodded to himself, his mind made up. He would take care of the investigation and find out what was going on. If there was a problem, he would deal with it. Xander pushed the doubts out of his mind, trying desperately not to analyze his own motives. He was doing this because it was the right thing to do.

Riley, even with all his training, was relatively easy to follow. He wasn’t trying to be stealthy or sneaky. As soon as he left the Magic Box, he made a beeline for the old warehouse district. Xander stayed out of sight and watched him disappear into one of the old run-down buildings. He held back and debated what to do. He had gotten this far. Should he go in? Should he try to find a window?

A soft moan floated through the air. It was throaty and sensual. He had to know. He had to find out what Riley was doing. He spotted an old dumpster next to some crates. If he could prop himself up on the dumpster, he should be able to see in the window.

Xander shifted around some of the crates on top of the dumpster and then began to climb. He had barely reached the window when he heard Riley’s voice; it was low and guttural and filled him with a need that he would never admit to.

The sight displayed in front of him was magnificent. He watched in fascination, his stomach in knots, his cock throbbing painfully, and dark desires coursing through his body.

Riley was sitting in a chair while a gorgeous brunet man knelt subserviently at his feet.
His pants were undone and it appeared that the vampire was stroking him while lapping up the blood that was dripping from the small pinpricks on his arm.

Riley grabbed the vamp’s hair and pulled the creature back. He hissed, "Not the arm again. People might start to notice."

The vampire smiled and pushed Riley’s pants further down. As he sped up his hand movements, Riley began to struggle for breath. When the vampire shifted into game face and bit into his inner thigh; Riley came with a guttural moan.

Xander was aching for release. He had never been this turned on. The sight of Riley being bitten, the bite, the blood: it was too much for his senses. He was flooded with need.

Suddenly, rough hands grasped him from behind and pulled him down off the dumpster.

Bright blue eyes met his gaze. His eyes widened in shock. He would almost have preferred being caught by the people inside than by this annoying blond vampire.

He started to make a snarky comment when Spike stepped closer to him, pressing his body against Xander’s and pushing him against the wall.

A husky voice filled the air. “Funny thing, pet,” Spike whispered as he paused and cupped Xander’s erection, flicking his thumb across the zipper.

Xander tried to ignore how his body seemed to ignite under the blond vampire’s touch, or to notice how Spike’s own jeans were strained, as if his cock was begging for attention.

“One thing I learned about the chip – it only goes off if I’m tryin’ to cause a person pain. Now, if someone wanted me to bite them…” Spike smirked as he brushed against Xander, their cocks rubbing together, separated only by thick layers of denim. “Then I could. I could take you right here in this alley. Sink my fangs into you. I could make it hurt so bloody good. Do you think you could stop me? Would you want to stop me?”

Xander moaned at the sensations that Spike was causing and struggled with the words he wanted to say. He was so tired of playing it safe and denying the fact that his hatred for the blond vamp wasn’t partially based on denied attraction.

Spike lowered his mouth to Xander’s neck and licked it slowly, his hand once again cupping Xander’s erection. He felt Spike’s fingers trail along the zipper and felt the rush of cool air and a cooler hand pulled him free. His hips thrust forward when Spike removed his hand.

Spike grabbed Xander’s hair and pulled back, so that he could nibble lightly along Xander’s collar. Xander watched as Spike, obviously aching with his own need, allowed his straining cock to be freed. When Xander moaned as their cocks came into contact, Spike smirked as though he enjoyed the harsh sound.
A lustful growl rumbled from Spike’s chest as he nipped Xander's ear. “What do you say, Whelp? Are you gonna run? Or are you gonna to beg?”

Xander felt like he was going to collapse. The combined feelings of the bricks against his back, the cool air against his cock, and the vampire at his neck was too much. He surrendered to the sensations and moaned out in need. "Please…oh god please."

Spike shifted into game face and sank his fangs into Xander’s throat. He began to drink deeply, enjoying the feeling of hot, tangy blood flowing down his throat.

Xander had never felt so aroused in his life. The sensations were too much, too overwhelming. He grew impossibly hard. Thrashing and moaning, he knew that he was getting close to completion. His eyes started to blur and he was feeling light-headed. ‘Oh God, what had he done?’

Xander thrust his hips forward as his came in the most intense orgasm of his life. His eyes fluttered shut and Spike stopped drinking, licking the wound a final time to seal the marks.

Quickly biting his own wrist, Spike held it up to Xander’s lips. As Xander began to suckle, Spike came.

Tomorrow he would have a new childe.

The End

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