Cure For A Curse


“Xander are you ok?”

There were three anxious faces – well two anxious ones and one sarcastic one – peering down at him.

“No?” Xander offered pathetically.

“Do you think the counter-spell didn’t work, Willow?” Buffy asked with a worried tone in her voice.

“It should have done,” Giles said.

“Bloody well hope so,” Spike snorted.

“Xander, what do you remember about the last two days?” Buffy asked, after shooting a brief but venomous look at Spike.

“Er. The last thing I remember was patrolling and there was a big smelly demon and after that it’s a bit of a blank.”

“What day is it?” Giles asked.

“Tuesday of course… isn’t it?”

“It’s Thursday, Xander,” Willow said gently. Then turned to the others. “He wasn’t supposed to forget everything. The spell was just meant to remove the curse and erase the memory of what he did, um I mean what happened,” she whispered.

“Hey I am here and I’m not deaf,” Xander protested. “What happened that needs forgetting? Oh God don’t tell me I’ve been impregnated by a smelly ten foot demon, or grown scales or a tail or something?” Xander tentatively felt under his t-shirt and pushed his left hand under his behind to check for signs of a tail.

“No nothing like that, Xander. Nothing to worry about. The demon just cursed you, and you were a bit traumatized, so when I reversed the curse, I included a little forgetting clause, which…”

“Turned out to be a big one, right?” Xander interrupted. “Willow, how many times have I told you not to mess about with my brain with your magic. I’m a big boy. I can deal. You are talking to the man who ate the school mascot whilst possessed and ate bugs for Dracula, remember.”

“Trust me Xan, you won’t want to remember this,” Buffy shuddered. Spike snorted again. “And do you think I do?”

Giles coughed politely. “Alright, given the so far unquantified memory loss, it looks like someone is going to have to keep an eye on him for a while. Any volunteers? Buffy?”

“Nuh uh,” said Buffy, backing away. “I’ve got a hot date tonight, then more patrolling.”

“Er and I, I have to study for a test tomorrow,” Willow said.

“Studying with Tara by any chance, Red?” Spike asked sarcastically. Willow just scowled at him.

“Er, I have a date too,” Giles blurted out. Everyone did a double take.

“Yeah right, librarian,” Spike said, with a sneer.

“Umm, yes, well, it’s not a date date, but Ethan’s in town and…”

“Oh yeah right, again, in a different way,” Spike snorted. Giles blushed.

“Sooo,” Buffy said, an evil smile on her face, “Spiiikieee...”

“No. Not sodding likely.”

“Oh come on, Spike,” Willow pleaded.

“Look the whole bloody point of casting this spell was to get this nymphomaniac away from me, not to mention stopping him getting his scruffy mitts and other bits of his anatomy off any part of my anatomy and one in particular.”

“Euw,” Buffy screwed up her nose.

“Yes but Spike, maybe his er sudden sexual er disinhibitions won’t just be aimed at you if the spell hasn’t worked. You wouldn’t want to leave him with me in that state would you?” Willow said.

“Willow, one, you said the spell worked.”

“Should have,” Giles interjected.

“And two, Buffy is in a better position to protect her ‘virtue’ from Droopy here, even when his physical strength has been enhanced by a demon lust curse. Chipped here remember. Can’t defend myself can I?”

“Oh, I don’t think he’d hurt you, Spike, assuming the spell hasn’t worked, and I’m sure it has…” Giles was failing to sound reassuring.

“Anyway,” Buffy said brightly, “judging from what he was doing earlier I would say that he’s the one looking for a bit of pleasurable pain. Although I suppose that might flip when he realizes that you can’t oblige him. Or perhaps you can, given that he’s got a bit of demon blood in him now. Perhaps we should be protecting him from you. Giles maybe you and Ethan could baby sit together.”

“Er, really Buffy, I am sure that the spell worked and Xander will be perfectly safe from Spike. And besides…”

“Now hang on a minute here,” Spike interrupted. “You actually think I’d want to have sex with the Donut boy here?”

“You’d have sex with anyone, Spike, remember Harmony?” Buffy said snidely.

“Oh, oh and Buffy,” Willow pointed out. “Oh I mean anyone would want to have sex with Buffy, except me and… shutting up now.”

Needless to say, Buffy was glowering at her.

Xander was confused, scared and suddenly even more scared because his arse really really hurt. Piles right?

“Fuck. Alright then, I’ll look after the wanker for a bit. Might have to tie him down though in case he tries something on, and don’t worry I won’t molest him. I’d rather fuck Giles, and that’s saying something.”

“Spike!” Willow exclaimed.

“Thank you for that, Spike,” Giles said sarcastically.

“Much with the overemphasis on my complete and utter undesirableness,” Xander muttered. Although he wasn’t sure why. Luckily the others didn’t hear, apart from Spike of course.

“Will someone help me carry this waste of space to my car, then?” Spike asked aggressively.

Once in the car, the others having gone their separate ways, Spike was suddenly all over Xander. Tongue in his mouth, legs astride Xander’s, his erect cock shoved against Xander’s groin, and hands pretty much everywhere.

Xander tried to push Spike away, but it had to be said, not with much force or enthusiasm. After a few months, Spike finally let him come up for air.

“Er Spike, it’s not like I’m not enjoying this, weirdly – very very weirdly, but could you explain why you are doing this? And I did say the weirdness with triple verys didn’t I?”

“What, you really don’t remember?” Spike said looking shocked and dismayed.


“Bugger it. That bastard that Willie recommended to me swore blind that the counterspell would work. Well I'm going to be getting more than my money back off him. Not that I paid him, exactly.”

“That could be where you went wrong.” Xander slurred. “Not that I have any idea what you're talking about.”


Xander wasn’t being entirely truthful. Bits and pieces were beginning to come back to him.

“So what is it that I should or, according to Buffy, should not, be remembering? Did I declare my undying love to you while under a spell or something?”

“Yeah, and or something,” Spike replied.

“Fuck, I must have been really out of it.”

“Looks that way,” Spike muttered, looking slightly hurt.

Xander decided to take mercy on him, and slithered one hand up Spike’s shirt, while the other pushed down so that it was in between their crotches, then slowly moving it up and down, his knuckles against Spike’s cock, his palm against his own hard on.

“Can I go home, Spike? You could remind me of a few of the things I’ve forgotten, perhaps.” Spike grinned, a grin that managed to be both evil and happy at the same time. It made Xander’s cock jump and push even harder against his jeans. The ride home took half as long as it should have done according to Sunnydale speed limits.

Half an hour later…

“Oh God, Spike,” Xander screamed. They were only vaguely aware of, and certainly didn’t care about, the banging on the wall from next door’s apartment. They were doing enough banging of their own – bed against said wall, Xander inside Spike. When they’d finished, or at least finished the first ‘round’, they lay on their backs, Xander sweaty, and both of them panting.

“So, are any more memories coming back, pet?” Spike asked disingenuously.

“Well some, but maybe if we tried again, I might remember more. Maybe if you were on top…” Xander said equally disingenuously.


“So, so how’s Xander?” Willow asked.

“Well and truly sorted,” Spike replied with a remarkably straight face. “He’s coming along fast and hard.”


“You know the donut boy. A tougher nut than you might think.”

“Spike you are mixing your metaphors there.”

“So? It’s poetic licence.”

Willow just rolled her eyes.

“But I think I ought to keep an eye on him for a little longer. Tricky things, spells. They seem to be working well and then suddenly they flip. Wouldn’t want him jumping some poor innocent. Although he’d be hard pushed to find one in these parts.


“Xander, were you ever actually under a curse?” Spike asked an hour later after he had come twice in Xander’s mouth within the space of five minutes.

Xander had recovered his memory in its entirety now. Which was handy because, although Xander was a quick learner, Spike was too impatient to wait to teach him everything again.

“For the first half hour perhaps.”

They both grinned

The End