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Presents from Anya generally ended up being presents for Anya.

That's why Xander wasn't surprised when Anya gave him a gift certificate to a portrait studio to have photos taken—naked, sexy photos—as an early Christmas gift.

That's not to say there weren't surprises, though. The warlock-slash-photographer, he was a surprise, as was his little vulcan mind meld trick.

And that chuckle, that little now I know what you want leer—that was the worst kind of surprise because Xander knew what was coming, and he couldn't stop it.

It was all a bit of a blur—Spike appearing, practically on top of Xander, Xander scrambling to get away, that chuckle again, and then—

“What’s the matter, angel? I know you wanna touch…” And the guy apparently had a sense of humor because then there were feathers everywhere, and Spike was screaming, and Xander was screaming, and then there was a kind of floaty fuzziness that didn’t last nearly long enough.

Later, when Xander arrived home, wings on his back, Spike in a snowglobe in the crook of his arm, and magically developed sexy, naked photos in his hand, there was nothing to say but, “Surprise...”

The End

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