Fandom: BtVS, after the season 4
Prompt: prompt 170 – “I walk through the valley of the shadow of death”, [info]tamingthemuse (LJ)
Pairing: unwilling Spike/Xander
Warnings: explicit sex/violence, rape and characters death, beta’ed by [info]mulder200 (LJ)
Rating: NC-17 / M
Status: 861 words, one-shot, 10/24/2009
Soundtrack: Eliane Elias - Dreamer

Summary: "Would he go to the Bronze for a couple of free meals? Or should he head straight to the Watcher's place, to thank the Scoobies for their selfless help?”

It’s All About Revenge


He finished draining the chaos mage and stretched his lips in a bloody smile. It had been so long since he had been able to enjoy the taste of human blood.
The vampire threw the dead body to the ground, not caring that it crushed a probably precious urn. Fishing his cigarettes and lighter in the duster's pockets, he took a long drag and left the shabby motel room without a second glance.


After being leashed for so long, there were so many things to do, that he didn't know where to begin. Would he go to the Bronze for a couple of free meals? Or should he head straight to the Watcher's place, to thank the Scoobies for their selfless help?
The thought of those oblivious idiots brought a smile to his lips. Oh yes, they would soon receive the visit of William The Bloody, freshly back into the game after more than a year spent at their beck and call.
First, he decided to hit the Bronze. He needed to get his full strength back. Pig blood was fine, but it didn't hold a candle next to pure human blood. Plus, if he wanted to take the Slayer down, he needed all his bite back.

Barely an hour later, Spike feasted on a cute brunette in a dark alley behind the Bronze, savoring the taste and heady rush of the girl life force as he fucked her senseless. In the background, Coolio began singing about the shadows of the valley of death and the similarities between the Death Valley and Sunnyhell made him snicker.
But while he would cross this vale, smirking and swaggering, the Scoobies would die and rot here. He would make sure of that.


The Watcher tasted of marijuana and Spike whooped to the ceiling, laughing aloud and mocking the old man.

He left the apartment barely half an hour after being let in, closing the door to a trashed living room. His jeans' pocket was full of cash and he swallowed in two gulps a quarter of the bottle of Cognac he had liberated from Ripper's hidden stash.
One down, two to go.


He just had to show her a somewhat sad face and Red actually welcomed him in her room, hugging him like an old friend. Spike entertained the thought of playing with her a little, but she had become a powerful witch, and he didn't want to lose another fight because of his inability to focus and stay on track.
He hugged her back and nuzzled her neck, making her giggle and squirm. She was smiling at him when he jerked her head around and broke her neck.
He was still full and warm and he only drank a few mouthfuls before laying her down on her bed. He even yanked her head back in a normal position.
He was nice like that.


The Slayer, he fought. Or more like, played training dummy to.
He knew that Slutty always became hot and bothered after a good bout of fighting and her blood would only be sweeter from it.
He let her punch and kick for a while, waiting for his prey to tire and then jumped her. She trashed and bucked, but he held her face down in the graveyard's dirt and gulped her blood with relish.
Spike cuddled her cold body for a while, high on Slayer blood and getting sleepy from his full belly.


He went to the whelp last. He knew the boy had planned to have a night off. Which meant no contact with the Scoobies, except in case of apocalyptic emergency.
He crashed at the boy's place for the night, all friendly like, and enjoyed a good night with him. They snarked and joked, and Spike made sure that the boy drank, and drank some more.

And when the whelp was full of booze and happy thoughts, he undressed him and fucked him good and proper, several times. He didn't remember if Xander struggle before or after the first time, but it didn't matter. After a while, the boy just laid back, shamed by the way his body reacted to Spike's touch and unable to get away from the vampire.

Xander came so beautifully and clutched to him with so much passion that Spike decided to keep him. He would always enjoy a warm body and a more or less willing pet while he travelled.
He felt like moving to China for the next decade or two. It would remind him the good days.


The DeSoto hummed under him and he wondered how many times he had driven through Sunnydale's welcome sign. Spike decided not to break such a good tradition.
His new pet moaned in the back seat and Spike risked a glance behind, a smile full of fangs stretching his lips.

Maybe he should have thanked the chaos mage before snacking on him. After all, if the magician hadn't decided to get back at the Watcher for his stint with the Initiative, Spike wouldn't have been freed from the chip. Too bad for the man that he wasn't the grateful sort.

The End

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