Rating: Adult
Summary: Even vampires get scared.
Beta: By my sister Anna. All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.

Note: This is Lady Q’s Easter Challenge # 6. Write a Spike story where he claims he is not afraid of nothing, however when he see a marshmallow peep he is scared of them and claims they are evil.



“What’ve you got there?” Spike peered into the large grocery bag curiously.

“Stuff for our Easter celebration,” Xander replied, smiling at the way the vampire was rummaging through the bags.  “Seeing as we’re having a party this year. I think it’s the first time we’ve ever had a Easter egg hunt in the cemetery and at night before.”

“Did you remember the glow-in-the-dark egg dye?”


Suddenly Spike let out a loud yelp.  Jumping so far back he hit the side of the sink with a loud whack.  Knocking over the dish Xander had drying on the rack.

“What the fuck?  What the fuck it that?”


Xander looked into the bag Spike was pointing at.  “There’s nothing in here but Peeps.”


Xander pulled out a box of the marshmallow candy and if possible saw Spike pale to an even more deader than normal shade of white.

“Yeah, it’s candy.  Just candy.”

Xander showed them to the vampire who back away from them nervously.  “Get those things away from me.”

“Spike, its just candy.”

“I don’t care.  Get them away from me.  Those things are evil.”

Xander looked down the package in his hand.  “Evil?”

“Evil, I tell you.”

“Spike, didn’t you tell me just the other day that you weren’t afraid of anything?”


“That you were the bravest and strongest vampire around and you could fight anything?”

“Yeah.  And your point?”

“Sissy.  You’re afraid of a bunch of candy made out of marshmallow.”

Spike moved from one foot to the other nervously.  “They're still evil.  Get them away from me.”

Xander rolled his eyes.  “And this is the same vampire that bets kittens when he gambles?  Geez,” he said putting the box back in the bag.  “What a sissy.”

“I ain’t no sissy.  I just don’t like them.”

Spike gave the table a wide berth as he made his way to the bedroom, the TV and Aunt Mae’s quilt, the remote control firmly in hand.

He didn’t settle comfortably though until he saw Xander place the bag with the Peeps under the sink. Blue eyes wary, before aiming the remote at the TV.



“Flip over for a minute.”

Spike did as asked, flipping onto his back. Watching the TV and not really paying attention when Xander took the quilt, carefully folding it and placing it on the chair next to the bed.  He did notice when the human unzipped his pants.

He frowned.  “Hey, are you taking advantage of me?”

Xander smiled down at him as he very carefully straddled the vampire. “Yup.”

“Prick,” The vampire told him, remote dropping to the floor.

Xander sighed happily. “And a very nice one I must say,” he told him as he slid deep. “Besides is it my fault fear makes you hard.  Come to think of it, everything makes you hard.”  Xander moved from side to side.  “It’s kinda nice, actually.”

“Are you ever going to let me watch my show in peace?”

Xander began a very careful up and down slide.  “I’m not stopping you, now am I?  Watch your show.”

On one of Xander’s slides-Spike, hands on the human’s hips shoved him down-hard.  Earning a moan of pleasure from both of them.

“Na, kinda like what we’re doin’.”

Xander smiled down at him.  Eyes darkening to a smoky hue.   “I thought you would.  Spike?”

The vampire caressed the warm flesh, rising up slightly to suck on a rosy nipple.  “Yeah, lover?”

“Hmm, that’s nice.   Fangs.”

Spike loved the feels and smell of Xander as the human began leaking onto his abdomen and chest.  “Hmm?”

Xander began to move at a faster pace.  “Fangs, Spike, fangs.   I want to see your fangs or I’ll bring out the Peeps.”

Spike shuddered dramatically, hearing Xander moan as it caused him to move inside the human.  “You wouldn’t dare.”

Xander shoved Spike flat against the mattress. Lowering his head to better watch the vampire disappear into him.  It was a slight he could never get use to.  Not the mention the feel as the almost cold flesh moved inside of him.

“Na.  Well come to think of it I might use it as incentive when I need you to make love to me.”

Spike watched too.  “Ah. I never need incentive to make love to you.”

“Ah.  Ah.  God that feels good.  Really?”


“I’ll make you a deal though.”

Spike reached down to feel where the human they were joined.  That sight was hot.  Truly hot.  “What?”

“Don’t bet kittens when you go play poker anymore and I’ll make sure you never-ever see another marshmallow Peep.”

Spike flipped the human over and began a rhythm into the welcoming flesh that shook the bed and banged the headboard against the wall.


Xander’s head arched in pleasure.  “Y…yeah.  Deal?”



“Yeah, lover?”


“Oh, yeah.”  

Spike released the fangs smiling when it sent the human into his first orgasm of the night.  Chuckling softly when he slid them deep into warm flesh forcing Xander straight into another.  The echoes of his pleasure mixed with tints of pain at coming so soon after the first filling the room.

Hands pulled his head close as he began to feed.  He would never get use to this.  Not at having a willing human to bed and feed him.  Willingly.  It was something he would treasure for the rest of his days.

Xander moved restlessly under him.  “Deeper, Spike.  Please, deeper.”

More than willing to give Xander what he wanted on both fronts, the vampire complied, sliding his fangs deep, beginning a rhythm guaranteed to bring them both pleasure. Not needing to know which the human was begging for.  He knew.  Spike felt his heart which had been cold so cold for so very long warm and come back to life when Xander wrapped his arms around his head.  Pulling him closer.  Almost as if he wanted to become one with him.    

The human wanted him.  Xander wanted him.  As no one in his life ever had. He would kill anyone or anything that came between him and Xander’s love.  Nothing was keeping him from this not ever.  Not after he’d gotten a taste of it.  It was his and he would kill to keep it.

The End

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