Rating: Adult
Summary: What would you do if given another chance?
Note: A Springtime challenge offered by Lady Q. This one is #3. To some spring means rebirth or a renew life so write a story where your character gets a second chance at life.
Beta: By my sister Anna. All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.

Set in the same Verse as The Wedding Quilt

An Offer of Renewal






“God-damn, it stop watching that stupid soapy and pay attention to me.”

Spike made a half-hearted effort to turn his head to look at Xander.  “What do you want, you stupid git?  I’m trying to watch Passions.  The bloody witch just stuck Timmy into the dryer.  I wanna see what happens.”

“I told you I would burn the show onto discs, didn’t I?  That way you could watch it whenever you felt like it.”  Xander said, sitting next to him on the bed.  Moving the quilt Aunt Mae had made for him. Spike loved that quilt.  If he wasn’t out causing trouble he could be found cuddling under it on Xander’s bed.


Spike lifted the quilt in offer.  Xander gratefully took him up on it.  It was cold out today.  Not that the vampire was all that warm to cuddle next to being as he was dead and all.

Xander rolled on top of Spike, resting his head against the vampire’s shoulder.  “Today’s the first day of spring.”

Spike stroked the top of Xander’s head, liking very much the soft noises the human made at the petting.  “So?”

“It’s a time of renewal all over the world.”

Spike gently nuzzled his face into the human’s hair.  He smelled clean.  Like fresh air and sunshine.  He could remember what that felt like.  It hadn’t been that long ago since he’d been turned.

“Willow has been doing witchy research,” Xander told him softly, pulling the wedding quilt higher over them. Strange Spike was kinda warm.


Spike began running his hand over Xander’s broad back.  Going low to cup the already flexing buttocks.  He chuckled softly.  Xander was so easy.


“She thinks she found an ancient text that might help you become human again.”

Spike stilled.  “Yeah?”  he asked, his voice, holding almost no reflection, despite the fact it held a world of emotion behind that simply voiced reply.

“Yeah,” Xander looked up to meet the vampire’s blue eyes.  “If it pans out will you take the chance to be human again?”

“Do you want me to?”

Xander frowned up at him.  “It’s not a decision I can make for you, Spike.  We’ve only been together three months.  You’ve had several human life times being a vamp.  It’s something you’ll have to decide on your own.”

“And if I took the chance, what about us.  You get turned on something fierce every time I use my fangs on you.  Or even just showing them to you gets you off.”

Xander frowned as he thought about it.  “I want what you want, Spike.  Nothing more, nothing less.”

“And if I were never able to bite you again.  Never again make you come for hours on end like I can now?”

“Spike.  You’re not getting me.”

The vampire sighed.  “What are you saying then?”

Xander cupped Spike’s face in his hands.  Looking deep into the eyes that had darkened to a beautiful shade of midnight blue.

“I love you.”

Spike felt a shudder course through him.  It was the first time Xander had told him that.  

“Y…you do?”

“Yeah.  I will love you.  I will love you if you’re a vampire, a human or one of those odd creatures that makes babies with itself.”

Spike smiled.  “That is a bit odd.”

“Yeah.  Must make gift giving a bitch on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.”

Spike chuckled.  “Yeah. Pull up so I can take your shirt off.”

Xander willingly obeyed.  Watching the shirt fly off to the side of the room.  “Are we going to make love?”

“You wanna?”

“Hell, yeah.  With you always.  What about your show?”

Spike shrugged.  “You can burn it for me later and I’ll watch it then.”

Xander gave him a brilliant smile.  “Cool.”  The smile vanished.  “You still haven’t answered about the becoming human part.”

Spike carefully folded Aunt Mae’s quilt and set it aside, out of harms way.  “If and when that becomes a reality, I’ll decide then.”

Xander looked at him worriedly.  “Spike?”

Spike stopped the human’s words with a gentle hand covering his mouth.  “No.  For right now, I’m not going to worry about it.  I want to make love with my lover.  I want to see him shudderin’ and moanin’ under me as I fuck him into next week.  As I make him come so hard he passes out.  And then I want to do it all over again.  I don’t wanna think on anything else.  Do you get that Xander?  On nothing else.”

Xander nodded, removing the hand from his mouth, gently licking the palm.  “I get that, Spike.  I really do get that.”

“Good,” Spike replied, releasing his fangs.  “Come ‘ere.”

The End

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