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Pairing: S/X/Dru

Weird Vamp!verse


1A It's All Deadboy's Fault.

It was all Deadboy’s fault. He would make sure that Buffy knew that before it was all over. Willow and Giles too, make sure they knew what the souled vampire they had trusted did to him.

After all, if Angel hadn’t offered him to Spike, the younger vampire wouldn’t have gone back to the warehouse swearing about loosing his Sire’s gift. Spike’s temper tantrum had woken Drusilla up from her nap. And Drusilla had talked it over with Miss Edith who had a solution.

So there Xander was, getting the last of the munchkins home after their night of candy and demonic possession when he’d been grabbed from behind. He had fought but was tired and in the end he’d been dragged to the warehouse and brought to Spike and Drusilla’s room.

He woke up the next night in his deathbed, wedged in-between his Sire and Drusilla, who was the most beautiful woman in the world. Spike was still asleep but Dru knew he was awake and told him a story, of kittens turning into panthers, of blood and revenge for being left behind. And Xander smiled and listened because this was family. Sire and Drusilla both loved him, and he was Drusilla’s precious kitten.

The next few weeks were filled with learning his lessons, how to hunt and not attract attention, learning to fight against a Slayer, and how to help Dru feed since she was sick. He even helped research her cure because he wanted Dru well as much as his Sire did.

It had been Xander who remembered the book in the high school library. He had wanted to get it for his Sire but Spike wouldn’t let him, didn’t want him getting caught by the Slayer. And it was Xander who had figured out what had happened when the Order had come back from the school without killing Buffy. How there had been another girl who was a slayer.

Spike teased him about saving Buffy’s life but Drusilla said that way there would be more treats for the family to share and Xander couldn’t help but agree with her. It did sound like fun, taking down two slayers at once.

Now everything was ready for healing Drusilla. Spike had shown him how to sire minions and the week before Xander had visited the homes of about twenty of his old schoolmates, asking for help, and they had the Order of Taraka as well.

Sire had promised him a pressie. Miss Edith had told Drusilla a secret about Angel’s soul. Spike had said that since it was Deadboy that got him killed, Xander could be the one to kill Angel. They didn’t need all of his blood to cure Dru, after all, so Xander would get to fuck Angel out of existence. They’d be a family and when Angelus woke up they’d have two slayers for breakfast.

Xander couldn’t wait till Willow and Buffy saw him for the first time. And it was all thanks to Angel.

1B From White Knight to Big Bad in Three Easy steps.

[info]slashthedrabble challenge: Switching
S/X/Dru R 500 words

“First of all, girls taste better because they let their emotions have control. Fear, lust, it all makes the blood taste better. Problem is, they have a tendency to scream. Fine if you’re somewhere deserted. With the Slayer around you want to make your kills quiet so you don’t get any unwanted attention.”

Xander watched his Sire carefully. Spike had one of the Cordettes in a headlock, one hand covering her mouth. He could hear her muffled screams. He’d made a kill his first night, but it had been messy. Now Sire was teaching him the art of finesse.


Xander’s eyes followed the stream of blood running from the man’s temple. “Pay attention, Childe!” Spike flicked him in the ear and Xander focused on his maker’s words.

“Short shallow cuts are the key to a good long session. They cause a lot of pain and bleed well, but isn’t anything that will kill ‘em outright. Plus you can lick up all that hot blood that’s spiced with their pheromones. Now, you try.”

His Sire handed him the razor and Xander moved to straddle his prey’s legs. He made a shallow cut down the boy’s arm and then licked. His Sire ran a hand through his hair and Xander closed his eyes and purred at the sensation.

“Good boy.”


“Always protect your chest and neck, luv, that’s a vamp's two big weak points. Watch your opponent’s hips and shoulders, that will give ‘em away.”

His Sire was sparring with him, Drusilla in an easy chair Xander had made to look like a throne on the sidelines, cheering and clapping.

Xander fell back and tried to catch non-existent breath. Spike wasn’t going easy on him, and if he didn’t try his best he’d get thrashed within an inch of his unlife. But that was okay, they had to be ready.

They faced the Slayer in two days.


“Your Sire, my sweet.” Xander waited in the shadows just like Drusilla had told him to do. He’d been left at home while Spike picked up Angel. Drusilla was on the bed, resting, and Spike joined her.

“My Angel?”

“The one and only. Now all we need's the full moon tonight, and he will die, and you will be fully restored. My black goddess. My ripe, wicked plum. It's been...”


He watched as his Sire and Drusilla kissed. They pulled apart and his Sire looked to where he was waiting as Drusilla looked over at Angel.

“Spike, let me have him? Until the moon?”

“Alright, you can play, but don't kill him. He mustn't die till the ritual.”

Drusilla pointed at Angel. “Bring him to me.”

Spike nodded and Xander stepped out of the shadows, picked Angel up and forced him over to Drusilla. He could feel the older vampire’s shock.

“You’ve been a very bad daddy. Luckily my Spike got us a kitten to love.” Drusilla slapped him across the face, hard.


“Hey Scoobies. Miss me?”

“Dear lord! Xander!”

2 My Bloody Valentine.

Xander watched from the shadows of the Bronze as his former schoolmates danced and flirted and had a good time as if they didn’t have a care in the world. Everything had gone all wrong in their family since Angelus had returned. Drusilla was still a bit mad at him for choosing to save Spike from being crushed rather than keep the Slayer from rescuing Angel. Still, he couldn’t leave his Sire to be dusted or hurt; he’d followed his heart, dead as it was.

Spike had forgiven him, but Drusilla was still mad. She’d only been appeased by the party with the Judge but the Judge didn’t like him or Spike, had called Xander too human and that hurt, sort of.

In the end, though, the Judge thing had been good because Angelus came back and that made Dru happy. And whatever made Dru happy should make the rest of the family happy, right?

A big ol’ world of wrong. Because Angelus and Spike were always fighting, and Angelus hated him just as much as Angel had hated his human self. There were times he wished he could dare stake the bastard but Angelus was so much more older and powerful that the demon inside of him instinctively cowered.

He could even live, or unlive, with that. Years of living with people who hated him had Xander almost desensitized to it. But his Sire hated it, he could tell. They’d gone out of the way to find something nice for Drusilla; a beautiful necklace from Spike and Xander had actually killed for Godiva chocolates.

But Angelus, with his stupid hair and big meaty paws, had come in with a heart and Dru went all a-flutter. And that sent Spike off to broodsville in their rooms, leaving Xander to find his own amusement, on Valentine’s Day no less. He was a demon now, his unlife was supposed to be filled with fighting and fucking and ripping out the throats of anyone who annoyed him. Not feeling mopey because his Sire was mopey.

What he had to do was give Spike a gift that rivaled Angelus’s to Drusilla. Something that truly showed his Sire just how much he loved and appreciated him.

Watching the groups of teenagers in the crowded club, Xander spied a familiar face and knew just what to do.


“Okay, so I wanted to get you something, but it had to be special, and Drusilla had told me the story about the night she turned you and I know you can’t get revenge anymore on the people from back then because, hello, dead now. But this is the best I could do.”

Xander knew he was babbling but couldn’t stop himself. He was dragging his despondent Sire down to the basement of the mansion, avoiding going anywhere near Angelus and Drusilla and their toy in the living room. It was just that he was so nervous and he wanted his Sire to like his gift.

“What in the fucking hell are you nattering on about?” Spike didn’t sound that mad, only annoyed. Xander stopped in front of the room he’d prepared and tried to get his words in the right order.

“I wanted to give you a present for Valentines too, something that would speak to you. And Dru had told me a story about before you were turned. Of course, I had to figure out what she was saying but I think I figured it out. So I got you something special.” He opened the door to the room.

It was bare except for an old bed and a table. There, tied to the frame of the bed was the reigning Queen of Sunnydale High. Spike gave him a curious look but Xander could almost feel the approval coming from his Sire.

“Spike, meet Cordelia Chase. Queen C. Everyone’s popularity depends on her say so. Fashion, dating, she rules the roost. It’s even said that she has no heart.” Xander let his true face show, and the girl screamed into a gag he’d placed in her mouth. He looked at his Sire and grinned. “Wanna find out?”

Spike circled the bed slowly. “Mmmm, nice pressie, pet. Not quite as pure as she could be though, naughty, naughty little girl. Still, I like the symbolism.”

They both ignored the muffled screams and struggling coming from the bed. Spike pulled Xander into a deep kiss, dominating his Childe’s mouth, and Xander just let him. When he was released he swayed on his feet and then looked through lowered eyelashes at his Sire.

“So, do you like?”

Spike laughed. “Yeah, pet, I like.” He moved to the bed and drew a knife from one of the pockets of his duster. “Well, well, well little girl. Think you’re special, do you? Think everyone else is beneath you? A cold bitch? I think my childe is right, we should find out if you have a heart or a lump of stone in there. Come here, Childe.”

Spike beckoned him to the bedside and Xander quickly joined him. “Watch, Xan. If you do this just right, not much blood will be wasted but you’ll be able to get the heart without the trouble of breaking the sternum and ribcage. It’s not neat, but it’s dammed fun.”

Xander watched as Spike made a long cut just under Cordy’s ribcage and started to put his hand in the cut to rip out her heart. He couldn’t help but lick his lips at the smell of blood and delight in the scent of pain and fear. The screams were damned annoying, though, loud and hurt his ears, but he knew that would stop soon enough.

And his Sire’s delighted grin made Xander think that this would end up being the best Valentine’s Day ever.

3 Tough Guy Leather Trench Coat

“C’mon Childe. I’m taking you shopping for some decent kit.”

His Sire’s voice made Xander jump. He’d been sitting in a corner of the warehouse, trying to find something to keep him out of trouble. To tell the truth he was hiding. They had managed to cure Drusilla but when faced with the choice of dragging Angel away for her plans or saving Spike from being terribly hurt, he’d chosen to save his Sire.

Drusilla was not happy with him. He still had claw marks on his neck and back to prove it.

Xander had been trying to stay out of the way. Drusilla was taking it out on everyone, the Family, the minions. It was hurting Spike too, Xander could tell. And it was all his fault.

But hearing Spike declare an outing made Xander scramble to his side. He smiled at his Sire, and Spike ran a hand down the side of his face and brushed lightly at a few of the scratches that was there. Xander purred at the gentle touch.

“Let’s go pet. Need to get you some decent clothes now that we have the time. Be good and maybe I’ll let you eat the shopkeeper. But only after they’ve helped us, alright? Those shoplifting tags are a fuck to get off.”

A hour later they were at one of the best men’s stores in Sunnydale and Xander followed along meekly as Spike pulled out designer jeans, slacks and shirts. He was surprised that Spike wasn’t just getting black and red, but there were russet browns, grays and other dark earth tones in the pile the sale associate was trying to balance.

He didn’t know what to make of it. Maybe his Sire wasn’t mad. Or maybe Spike was just sick of seeing him in ratty clothes, or was bored. Who knew?

“Don’t just stand there like an idiot Xan, what do you like?” There was something in Spike’s eyes that made him stop and think. It was like Spike really wanted to know.

“Umm, can I get a couple of sweatshirts or something? It’s gets chilly at home.”

Spike tilted his head in that way that he did that made Xander just want to lick him all over. But he was trying to be good.

“Got just the thing in mind Xan, over here.”

He followed Spike to the coats section and his Sire rummaged around the rack. Xander couldn’t help but bounce on the toes of his feet at the though of having his own leather coat.

“This one should do pet, try it on.”

It wasn’t exactly like Spike’s but it was damned close. Long and lined and it had a pocket on the inside and two deep pockets on the outside and it smelled wonderfully. He read the tag and laughed. “Tough Guy Leather Trench Coat.”

“Does this mean you’re not mad at me too Sire?”

Spike pulled him in for a quick kiss before answering. “No Childe. M’not mad. I’m proud.”


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