Characters: Spike/Xander ship
Genres: Romance, PWP
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: none

Disclaimer: I hardly own this computer Iím writing on, much less the wonderful town of Sunnydale and all those within. Joss Whedon, UPN, WB and other people who arenít me own Buffy and all of her friends

This was written for The Batpack Hands-On Fanfic Challenge 2004. I realize that Spike is a bit OOC, but Iím having him do a romantic, William sort of thing. Thanks to Becky from Bloodclaim for doing a quick beta for me! Hugs to you!

Lunchtime Lovin


Xander found the note carefully tucked under his dessert. His lover knew heíd protect the Twinkie with his life and that was the safest place in his lunch box. Guessing what was written inside, Xander excused himself from the table. He would never be able to read what Spike wrote for him in a room full of people, even if most of them were his friends.

Besides what would he tell them? It was a love note from his one hundred forty some year old male vampire lover? Yeah that would work.

He made his way to a deserted area of the site. Xander thought himself so damn lucky. The rest of the Scoobies never got to see what he did, the romantic side of the Big Bad. Okay- lusty in addition to being romantic, but that was a good thing.

Xander loved these notes. Loved Spikeís real handwriting, an elegant script that proved he went to school in days long gone by. He kept each one of Spikeís gifts, in a box behind his Dr. Who video collection. He felt kind of girlie that he kept them, but there was no way in hell heíd give up a one of his treasures.

He never knew when he was going to get one, or where heíd find it. Coat pocket, in his shoe in the morning, or tucked around the handle of his favorite ax. Once he had found one in the wrapper of a candy bar- how Spike got it there heíd never figure it out. Each one let him knew how much he was wanted and desired. His hands were almost shaking as he opened what Spike had left for him.


Would that I had a fortune, and could keep you in style. Iíd clothe you in rare silks and soft leathers. That is if I let you have clothes at all. Youíd sleep in a bed that kings would be jealous of, and whatever you wished would be yours.

How I curse the sun that keeps me from being by your side. If it were possible Iíd keep you on a leash so you would never be more than a few feet from me, from my hands so that I could stroke and pet you, as you deserve.

Sadly, I am but a creature of little means. I cannot give you much else but my love. You have given me so much- a home, and a life. Most importantly your acceptance of what I truly am. The day you helped me disable that damned chip was one of the most beautiful days of my Unlife. Not because I was free to kill and maim once more, but because of the love and trust in your eyes. Now Iíd no more be able to hurt your friends than hurt you. I would walk in the sun if I let that happen. I love you with all that I am.

Do you know what Iím doing today, Xanpet? I set your infernal alarm clock. It went off right at the time you went to lunch. I wanted to be awake when you read this note.

I woke up and thought of you lover. Your eyes, dark and deep. They can see into the bottom of my heart, unbeating as it is. Your lips, how they feel. How they look when they are wrapped around my cock. How your hands seem to know just how to touch me to drive me to the edge and beyond. How it feels to sink into your heat and fuck you for hours. Youíre like a fire, Love, one that burns underneath my skin and I canít get enough of you.

I love it when you fill me as well. Hard and thick, your cock was made to fit into my ass, my mouth. Know what Iím doing right now, Love? Iím stroking myself, thinking of when youíll come home today. Youíll be all hot and sweaty from working, and Iíll be here waiting, all slicked up and ready to go. All for you, Love.

Now Iím licking my fingers. Sucking them and wishing it was your cock. Wishing I could taste your cum. I'm taking them out of my mouth and running them down my throat, down the vein and to my chest. Iím playing with my nipples Xanpet, thinking of you doing this. Thinking of you licking like me like you were a cat. They're hardening under my touch. Feels so good, Xanpet. I wish you were here to bite and nibble them. I have to make do with twisting and pulling till I arch away from the bed with need.

By the time youíre reading this part love, my cock is hard. Do you have to adjust yourself Xanpet? Are you thinking of me as well? Again I'm licking my fingers and I'm reaching down and softly stroking myself. Feels so good, but not as good as when you do it. After you, nothing is as good. Iím taking my thumb and rubbing my head, and spread my pre-come, using it as lube. I canít help but moan and think of you at work, unable to do anything. Are you going to punish me when you get home? I hope so.

I canít help but work my cock harder. It helps to think of you in those tight jeans and t-shirt I saw you lay out for work last night. Those jeans just scream, 'Fuck me!' I hate letting you out of the house in those Xanpet- I donít want anyone else to want what Iíve got. You are mine.

By now Iím pumping my cock like crazy, but its not enough. Iíve got lube here love, the chocolate flavor that reminds me of your scent. I'm taking some and putting it on the fingers of the hand Iím not currently using to caress my balls and reach for my hole. I'm circling the area- and then I thrust one finger in. Iím imagining itís your finger Xanpet. Will you imagine that you are doing this to me while your mates at work finish their lunch?

Iím going crazy love, thinking of your hand pulling and pushing all at once. I canít help but add another finger. I want to come Xanpet, so bad. I find that special spot and colors explode beneath my eyes. I didnít even realize I closed them.

I canít help it. Iím thinking of you and one of my hands is yanking at my shaft now. Hard, strong pulls and my hips alternate between thrusting into my hand and pushing back into my fingers. I keep on hitting my spot- and itís like bloody well Guy Fakwesís Night with a thousand bonfires underneath my eyelids.

I need to come so bad, and I know just what will set me off. I think of you, my Xanpet, my Love. I think of how you look when I take you. How you look when you climax. I canít help it; I come with a roar thatís so loud if you were home youíd be embarrassed. My seed coats my chest. I come back down from that wonderful place that thinking of you takes me.

Know what Iím doing now love? Iím going to have my lunch, just like you had yours. Iím going to wipe myself off with my fingers and lick my come off them, slowly one by one. Iím imagining that itís your come, Xanpet. Your life essence.

Iíll be waiting for you when you get home Xanpet. I promise. Iím going to rest for a bit, and right before you get off work Iím going to get myself ready, slick, cockring and all. Iíll stretch out on our bed and count the minutes till you get home Xanpet. Donít be late.

Your Beloved William.

ďHey Harris!Ē the voice of Xanderís boss broke him from the spell that Spikeís words had wove around him. ďLunch is over Harris, you coming?Ē

ďYeah! IímÖcoming.Ē

Xander took a deep breath and adjusted his aching cock. Heíd be more than halfway hard for the rest of the day. Probably just the effect Spike was going for.

Xander grinned. He couldnít wait to get home.

ďBoy, am I coming!Ē

The End

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