Fifth in the Forevermore!verse

Cat's Eyes


Xander pouted at his Sire as the other man sat back on the couch and laughed his ass off at him. He couldn’t help it!! Since being turned things just looked so different to him. He understood what cats looked at when they stared at what looked to be nothing for one. There was a whole world of dust motes and bits of fuzz that floated and caught the light.

This time though it was the glint of light off of Spike’s new watch. Well, almost new. It had been new to the man who had though Xander a runaway and had tried to “help him find a place to stay for the night”. They had taken the watch after he’d been drained. Gold Rolexes didn’t fall off trucks after all.

It would catch the light from the lamp and shine on the wall or reflect off of the mirror above the dresser in the hotel room and jump around. He couldn’t help but follow how it moved.

Of course Sire had noticed, and moved it around on purpose a few times before bursting out in laughter, pointing his finger at Xander and spluttering “kitty!” between gales of laughter.

He pushed out his lover lip and crossed his arms. He hadn’t done it to be amusing. The spot of light just moved so fast and it was fun to keep his eyes on it. He’d been bored; there was nothing worth watching on the television. Well, Spike had been watching something, Xander wasn’t sure what it was other than boring.

“M’sorry for laughing pet, but you were being so cute!”

“You said vampires weren’t cute Sire, so that means you’re laughing at me.”

Before he could stomp his foot Xander was dragged into his Sire’s lap and petted. “Sorry Xan, luv, but normally vampires aren’t cute. Just think, was Angelus ever cute, or any of the minions you used to stake?”

Xander shook his head and then hid his face in his Sire’s neck, inhaling his scent as deeply as possible.

“No, eh? But you, my Childe, my dearest, are defiantly cute. Never seen a fledge have fun with anything other than blood and guts or fucking before. It makes me happy Childe, because that means you’re still you. And not many vamps pay attention to what they’re seeing, all right?”

“Okay, I guess. Make it up to me Sire?”

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