Second in the Forevermore!verse

Author's Note: Just a short bit of something for [info]akinaj in thanks for rugby smut. Follows Forevermore at some point in time. It's not been beta'd so all boo boos are mine.

The Difference Between Life and Death


It was strange. Xander had never felt quite so alive until he was dead.

It was weird, but true. He didnít miss the sun that much because the night was now so brilliant to him anything brighter would hurt. He could read the print off a newspaper from ten paces away and he tracked even the quickest movement now.

He loved to walk among the crowd because their heartbeats were like listening to the roar of an ocean. Individually though, it was like the ticking of the clock right before school let out. You just had to listen to it, get mesmerized by it. He didnít trust himself just yet around a single human for too long.

His sense of smell was even better; he could almost taste peopleís emotions, what they were thinking by the way their scent changed. His Sire was proud of him for not letting the scents change the way he tasted human food though. Although Twinkies werenít the same, he could taste the different ingredients and chemicals. Neither was cheap chocolate, but Spike would get him the good stuff if he asked the right way.

Right now though Xander pretty much loved his new sense of touch. Dear gods did he love being touched right now. His beautiful, slightly sadistic Sire was busy teaching him everything he could learn about being touched. Light touches, hard, passionate.

Cool fingers traced patters on his over-sensitive skin and he felt as if he could feel the whirls on Spikeís fingertips. He lay on the bed begging for his Sireís touch, arms and legs tied to the cheap motel bed frame. He came so hard he bit his tongue and his own blood filled him mouth and immediately his Spike was there for kiss and lick it clean.

As round four began, and he was once again touched over every inch of his immortal body, Xander spared a thought that the one thing he loved more than even his sense of touch was his near zero recovery time.

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