Damned With You


Part Sixteen

“You didn’t have to do that, you know.”

Spike looked up at his Childe and gave his most innocent expression. “What?”

Xander laughed, which was a sure sign he didn’t buy it. “You didn’t have to knock him unconscious. There were two of us and only one of him; we could have just taken him into the hotel without giving him a bruised jaw.”

Spike pulled Connor over his shoulder to carry him into the Hyperion. “He was running his mouth off about shite he doesn’t even know about. It’s one thing to be all pissy because we’re vamps, he’s been raised by that bastard Holtz after all, but he didn’t have to call you a queer.”

Xander sighed and followed him into the building. “He called us both names, and it’s not like we haven’t heard them before. Besides, he’s just spouting the same crap that bastard taught him all these years. It’s a learned behavior. All demons are evil, only men and women should be together, a woman’s place is barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. It’s been hardwired into his brain since he was a baby; it’s not all his fault.”

“Bollocks. If that was all there is to it you’d be as big a lump as your father.” Spike fought the urge to growl. Xander’s parents were mostly ignored by both of them. They hadn’t reacted well to Anya’s decision to call off the marriage and had blamed it all on Xander. The only reason he didn’t kill them was because Xander had always said he didn’t want them to feel important enough to kill.

Maybe now that he was a vampire he’d have second thoughts. After all, it would be easier for him to participate now.

“You forget one thing, Spike. Growing up I had Willow and Jesse and then Giles and Buffy and other people to help me figure out how to act. All Connor has had is that Holtz guy. If Angel ever wants to get his son back even halfway sane, he’s going to have to force the kid into some major therapy. I’m talking hours and hours of Dr. Phil and Oprah, here.”

Spike had to grin at the mental image of this slip of a boy and Angel trying to talk out their differences on the telly. If Angel treated Conner anything like he’d treated him back in the days when he was William…well, he’d have to get it through his big head that you shouldn't hit your kid.

Of course Spike had hit the kid but he wasn’t the whelp’s Dad so it didn’t matter.

He followed Xander into the hotel, his eyes drawn to his khaki covered arse. So far Xander refused to wear all black or even black and red, saying that he didn’t want to perpetuate the stereotype. Personally, Spike thought his Childe had been watching too many daytime TV shrinks.

“Oi! Peaches, got your Emo boy here. Where do you want him?”

There was no one in the lobby so Spike just dropped the kid on the couch. Connor was sort of handsome in a youthful, waiflike way. Nothing like his Xander, though. He still remembered the night Angel tried to trick him by giving him the boy who later on would become his Childe. Xander had been scared, yes, but mostly he had been furious at Angelus.

That was one of the things that kept the child alive at the time. Spike had been impressed at the fire the boy had and how much he could sense that Xander truly hated the souled version of his Grandsire. Now he was doubly glad he did because Xander was his of his own free will.

Spike just wished that someone other than Darla had been the kid’s mother. Even Dru, weird as that would be, would have been easier for him to deal with. He had really tried to talk to the lad but between seeing Darla’s eyes and hearing Holtz’s hatred spilling out of his mouth…well, the kid was lucky he'd just slugged him.

Xander yelled a few more times and people started appearing from different areas of the hotel. Gunn and his bird in their jimmies looking all rumpled and some green…thing with red horns, a dressing gown and a sleeping mask. Spike snorted. It was Jerry Springer they needed to be on, not Oprah.

“Spike! What the hell do you want?”

Ah, there was the voice of reason. Well, really the voice of total annoyance. Angel came bounding down the stairs, looking like he’d been having yet another conversation with Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker. Spike nudged Xander and his Childe tested the scent on the air and nodded.

“Nothing much, Peaches. Just thought you’d like to welcome the Prodigal Son home and all that crap. Or would you rather go back upstairs and have a drink to celebrate? You’re smelling awfully fermented.”

“Shut up, Spike! What the hell did you do to Connor?”

Spike just pressed his lips together and started humming the Jeopardy theme. It wasn’t as annoying as the Barney song but it was close. Xander came to lean against his back and snickered in his ear.


“Gee, DangerMouse, it seems to me like you told him to shut up. He’s just doing what you asked.” Xander sounded annoyingly sweet and polite and Spike could hear Gunn swear to himself before pulling his girl back up the stairs and to bed. The green demon, whatever he, she, it was, said something under his breath about not getting in the middle of family squabbles and followed.

Angel looked like he was actually going to pull out his hair and for a moment Spike thought he saw the older vampire go cross-eyed with rage. He just grinned and silently pointed at the couch behind them where Connor was sleeping.

All of the anger left his face and all that was left was a profound sadness. Even Xander sensed it because, with the exception of holding onto Spike tighter, he stilled. They watched as Angel brushed the hair out of his child’s face and lightly touched the bruise where Spike had knocked him out.

“Angel…he’s going to need some serious help. I know you want to be all noble and stuff and let him make up his own mind but he doesn’t really have one. All he knows is the garbage Holtz has been telling him. Lock him in his room and make him get therapy, if only to where he's had enough help so he can make an informed choice.”

Spike looked at Xander. “Where in the hell did you get that…shit?” He hissed under his breath.

“Spencer novels. Robert B. Parker really is damn fucking smart and Spencer is the greatest private detective ever. He could kick Magnum’s ass with one hand tied behind his back.”

Spike just shook his head. Trust his Childe to come out with a pretty impressive bit of wisdom from a paperback.

Angel, though, shook his head. “I just can’t ask him to come into my world. He's been in the darkness long enough; he deserves to live a real life.”

“If you think that bloody tosser Holtz is going to give it to him, you’ve got another think coming, Angelus. The bastard is the type that once he kills you he’ll turn on your boy there just to get rid of what’s left of you. Bastard’s had it in for you for longer than I’ve been undead, which is fucking well saying something.”

“He needs to be in the light, and I can’t give that to him. He’s my baby boy…”

“Get him help, Angel. Let him find his own way.” Xander’s voice was sad and Spike wondered what memories this little scene might have raised in his Childe’s brain. They were quiet as Angel picked up his son and carried him up the stairs.

“Jesus fucking Christ! Where the hell does he get his dialog? I can’t drag my son into the darkness with me… You’d think it was a bad episode of Forever Knight!”

Xander’s sudden outburst made Spike laugh. “You’ve got to admit, that Nick bloke is the only vampire in the world more depressing than Angel.”

“Well, there’s Anne Rice’s Louis.”

“He wasn’t depressing, Xan-luv, he was just a ponce. Well, a ponce who was seriously undersexed…why the hell she thought that up, I’ll never know.”

Part Seventeen

Spike was beginning to think that he was in Hell. The real Hell that Sunday School teachers warned little kiddies about, the one where you’re tortured for eternity. The only thing keeping him sane right now was Xander.

Fred was doing research, or looking for naughty pictures in the books, he wasn’t sure which. All Spike knew was that she was keeping as far away from him and Xander as she possibly could and still be in the lobby. Between them was Gunn, and he was making a show of cleaning weapons, especially his axe. He was seriously disgruntled.

Spike chuckled to himself. The reason for that was lying on his chest. Xander had decided that it was time to tease the humans again, and had made some rather lewd comments when the black man had been polishing his sword.

All he wanted to do was get Xander accepted into the Clan and go home. Or just get out of the hotel away from Gunn’s glares and Fred’s nervousness. Xander was in fine form today, in fact, all but rubbing off against Spike in front of everyone and calling him Daddy. Mostly it was for entertainment value; the green demon named Lorne had already left, mumbling something about cold showers and needing to get out of the hotel. It probably had something to do with Spike humming Love Bites under his breath.

To tell the truth, he was having as much fun as Xander was. It had been a long time since he’d had someone to plot with, even if it was just annoying his Grandsire’s minions. And Xander was playing and having more fun than Spike had ever seen. It was almost as if he were letting all the things that worried him as a mortal roll off his back like water, only to leave the bits he truly cared about.

Well, it was that or the wake up sex. Either was more than fine with Spike. He liked having a happy, loving, enthusiastic Childe.

Both vampires winced as the sound of a body hitting the floor could be heard from overhead. Angel was attempting to patch up things with his kid. Problem was, Connor didn’t want to hear it and kept on attempting to leave, forcing Angel to stop him. They’d fight for a while and then stop and Angel would go back to trying to talk to the lad. Xander had suggested that Angel show pictures of Connor’s early life but whether or not it would help or hurt, Spike wasn’t sure. He knew he’d be ready to hit something if anyone forced him to watch a slideshow of his early life.

Spike was afraid nothing would get through to the boy. Most humans weren’t able to withstand mental torture like Connor had gone through. Call it brainwashing, call it Stockholm Syndrome, the kid’s brains had been scrambled good by both Holtz and living in one of the worst Hell dimensions there was.

He sighed and Xander looked up at him from where he was snuggled against his chest. “You okay, Sire?”

“Fuck no, I want to get the hell out of Dodge, pet. I want us here just as much as the Warrior Prince over there wants us here. I want to go home, shag you stupid in our new home, and go out at night and kill things. Oh, and annoy your friends, can’t forget that. It’s not nearly as much fun to annoy Peaches’s friends. They don’t start pouting and stuttering like Red and the Slayer do.”

Xander sighed and sat up, straddling Spike’s hips. “I get that. I about died when I saw Cordy walk out with that Angel-clone. What kind of name is Groo, anyway? It sounds like something from an anime or a bad Nick Toon. That was just…creepy, to see her sucking face with a shorter, dumber version of Angel. And I can seriously do without the family reunion crap. I feel sorry for Connor and all but I don’t think holding hands with Angel and singing campfire songs is going to fix the kid. DangerMouse really needs to find the kid a shrink or a deprogrammer or something.”

“'S not as easy as all that, pet. You know as well as I do how Angel hates to ask for help. Stupid git thinks if he asks for it he’s weak, or some shit. Bastard never has played well with others.”

“Yeah, I know.” Xander sighed and then bounced, causing Spike to grunt. “Oh! While you were in the shower I went and called Anya about Wes. She was really excited, in fact she was going to call and even offer to sell her half of the Magic Box to Tara and him, and Giles is starting another one in one of the suburbs of London. Surrey, or Essex or something like that. I get confused. I thought a surrey was one of those horse drawn things from Oklahoma.”

“Xan-luv, I’m not sure what scares me more: the fact that Anya is going to let go of some of her hard earned cash or the fact that you watch musicals.”

“I have to watch musicals; I’m gay now. Isn’t that, like, in the rulebook? Along with owning a copy of To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar? That’s a great movie, by the way. I watched it with Dawn, like, a week before I died while you were out killing things. Wesley Snipes is very scary as a woman, and he kind of reminded me of his role in Demolition Man.”

“Does no one else find this whole thing fucking weird?” Gunn’s outburst was unexpected and both Spike and Xander jumped and Fred gave a little squeak. “I mean, we’ve got Angel and Connor having some sort of twisted Addams Family moment that includes full body slams upstairs, you two are all but screwing in the middle of the lobby and Cordelia is playing Princess with her boyfriend! Does no one but me think this whole freaking situation is weird?!?”

Fred’s eyes were wide and Spike looked at Xander. Xander nodded and they both turned to answer Gunn.

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“’Course it’s fucking weird; what else do you expect?”

Their total agreement seemed to take the wind out of Gunn’s sails. He seemed to shrink into himself for a moment before shrugging. “Just wondering if it was just me.”

Xander grinned at the man. “Listen, once you’ve accepted the weirdness it gets better, honestly. Like surfing only with giant preying mantises trying to take your virginity before killing you, Hell goddesses and geeks that try to take over the world. It’s when things start acting normal that you have to worry.”

Gunn opened his mouth and then quickly shut it before shaking his head. “You know, I just really don’t want to know.”

Part Eighteen

Spike pounded on the heavy door that lead to Peaches’ suite. He and Xander had waited for hours and there had been no sign of the bleeding poofter, and he was getting seriously angry. He and Xander hadn’t come to LA to fix all of the brooding idiot’s problems, and he was fucking well tired of Gunn’s glares and his bird’s nervousness and the generally hostile environment of the hotel.

He just wanted to take Xander home and get started with their new life. Maybe figure out how much they could hunt in town and not have the Slayer notice. See how many public places they could have sex in and annoy Red until her head spun 'round a bit.

He wanted to go home. And if anyone had told him a year ago that he would consider the Hellmouth his home he would have pulled their spleen out through their nostril.

“Oi! Angelus! Open up, you great sodding sack of potatoes! Want to get my Xan accepted into the Clan so we can get the fuck out of here!”

The door opened unexpectedly and Spike growled at having to keep his balance. He looked at Angel and growled again at the look on the older vampire’s face. Didn’t the bloody git realize that if he’d just do this one thing they’d leave and could stop annoying each other? Sure, it was fun but enough was enough. Spike knew he either had to get out of town or take his chances with rearranging Angel’s face.

“What do you want, Spike?” Angel sounded stressed, and Spike couldn’t help but snarl back.

“What the bloody hell do you think I want? Git. Want you to accept Xander into the Clan so we can get as far away from your ugly mug as possible. If you were human I’d tell you to eat more fiber, but since you’re not all I can guess is that you're emotionally constipated and that’ll take more help than either of us has to give.”

He really wasn’t surprised when a meaty hand wrapped around his neck and lifted him. He could hear the slamming of the door behind Angel. Usually he’d fight but just to be different he hung there and smirked at his Grandsire. The poof was getting too comfortable dealing with humans; he’d forgotten that Spike didn’t need to breathe and wasn’t intimidated.

“I’ll be there when I get there, Spike. I have to get through to Connor first.”

“You’re an idiot if you think spending a day or two nattering at him about how much you love him is going to change things overnight. He’s been bloody well tortured for sixteen years! You pouting at him isn’t going to do a damn thing but prove you’re the bad guy.”

Angel shook him a little and then he was dropped. Spike picked himself up and straightened his clothes before leaning against the wall. Angel was leaning against the door to his suite. He looked as if someone had kicked his puppy.

“I…I just don’t know what to do.”

“Hoo-bloody-rah! That’s the first step to doing something useful with your miserable life. You have a damn demon that can read auras; have you asked for his help? Have you even used your fingers in those stupid Yellow Pages and found a shrink? This is LA, you know there’s some doctor out here that deals with demon families. For fuck’s sake, there’s shrinks for people’s bloody poodles! Have you even asked your friends down there in the lobby that keep on looking at Xan and me as if we’re insane? You need to get a pair of pliers and pull your head out of your arse before the boy hates you even more than he does now.”

It was odd, seeing his Grandsire looking so…defeated. This was Angelus, the vampire who taught him how to hunt, how to make his victims last. This was also the man he’d fought with time and time again. Over Drusilla, over his stupid plans, over…well, just about anything, really. If one of them said the moon was full the other would argue that it wasn’t.

If it was anyone other than Angelus and him, Spike would have claimed that it was unresolved sexual tension.

He shook his head. There had been that one time but they were drunk and…


Spike looked up at the unusual use of his given name. Even Xander didn’t call him William, or else he’d be calling Xan Alex. His reply, therefore, came out sounding a mite more surly than he would have liked. “What?”

“Get Xander and be in your rooms in an hour. I’ll…be there.”

Spike opened his mouth to say something and then changed his mind. He didn’t want to piss his Grandsire off anymore than he had to before he was in a room with Xander. He nodded and turned and walked down the hall.

He pretended not to hear the soft 'thank you' that followed in his wake.


“You’re going to be here, right, Spike? I mean, I know I’m supposed to be all demony now, but I’m all nervous. I don’t know if it’s the soul or if it’s the thought of Angel naked. If I had eaten cookies recently I would toss them.”

Spike snorted and ran his hand through his Childe’s hair. They were both lying on the bed, Xander in his arms, and he could feel his Childe’s nervousness. “He’s not going to hurt you, luv. 'S not like he’s Angelus anymore, is it? Considering his state of mind it’ll be a “Wham, bam, thank you, Xan.” Then he’ll go back to brooding in front of his kid. It’ll be okay, pet.”

“You’ll stay here the entire time, right, Daddy?”

Usually Xander called him Daddy to wind him up a bit, not that it took much, Spike reflected. This time, though, he got the feeling that Xander was actually wanting reassurance.

“Of course, Childe. Not leaving you, not even for a second. And tomorrow night we’ll go home to our new cabin and it’ll be just us. You’ll see. You’ll be fine.”

“The lawyers should be sending my insurance money soon. We should do something special.”

“Tell you what, we’ll throw a Happy Deathday party and have all your friends over to see the new place. Even the Slayer. Not much she can do now that you’re starting to learn what to do with your demon.”

Xander chuckled. “It would be fun. We could have it all in red and black and watch bad vampire movies and make fun of them all night. It might just get them to accept everything, you know?”

Spike sighed and kissed Xander on the top of his head. “I know you want Red and the Slayer to be happy for you, luv, but they just don’t get it. At least, not yet. Maybe with time …”

“That’s just it, Sire! They don’t have time! How can you stand it? I mean, I see all these people, my friends, and I know that in a hundred years they’ll all be dead! Don’t they realize how much there is to do and enjoy? It makes me so pissed at the way Buffy acted after we brought her back. Yeah, she was in a good place but this can be good too! And she and Willow just…sit there, like they’re in mourning for me and isn’t it awful that I let you seduce me to the Dark Side or some shit! It’s not just me they’re hurting, it’s them too and they don’t get it!”

As Xander got more enthusiastic his hand waved and there was a spark in his eyes. Spike held back a chuckle at the fact that this was an undead creature of the night wanting to lecture his friends on living. He grabbed his Childe by the arms and pulled him close, rubbing and caressing him to get his mind off his worries.

“I know, pet, I know.” He continued to gentle his Childe, getting his mind off his disapproving friends and his worry over being taken by Angel. That would come soon enough. He pulled Xander close and kissed him, using every trick he’d learned in well over a hundred years of enjoying life, despite being dead.

Oh yes, he and his Childe had much in common.

When he finally pulled away they were both in their true faces, and Xander was panting. Then he realized there was another presence in the room. He looked over to find Angel at the foot of their bed.

“It’s time.”

Part Nineteen

“Damn it, Angel! Could you not do that?! With the sneaking and the whole sounding like you’re pronouncing someone’s death sentence, you’re going to make me more nervous than I already am!”

“Look, Xander…”

“Shut the hell up, the both of you! Let’s just act like we bloody well like each other for an hour and get this over with. Dear fucking gods, can we just get through this before the lube goes off?”

“Does lube even have an expiration date?”

Spike smacked Xander on one of his thighs. “Childe…”

“Ooops. Sorry, Daddy.” Xander looked honestly chagrined and from the corner of his eye Spike could see the sides of Angel’s mouth turn up just a bit. Maybe they could get this over with now. Not that he enjoyed the idea of letting Angel take his Childe. Xander had never been with another male, ever, and Spike hated the idea of sharing.

He grabbed up the tube of lube, strongly resisting the urge to look for a use by date, and turned to Angel. “I’ll get him ready while you strip.”

He knew he had a look of defiance in his eyes that would normally piss Angel off but he didn’t care. Vampire tradition called for the fledgling Childe to be presented to the Master of the line with no preparation whatsoever. But he couldn’t do that to his Xander. He still repressed all memory of the time when Dru had brought him in front of ol’ Batface. He wouldn’t put Xander through that kind of pain and humiliation.

Angel looked at him and nodded once and Spike let out a breath. He kissed Xander softly on the side of his mouth. “Gonna get you ready, pet, and this will all be over soon. Just relax, I’m here.”

He moved between Xander’s legs and started to prepare him. There was always something magical about this act. Even as a vampire Xander would gasp and pant and make little mewling sounds that went straight to his cock. His body would clench around Spike’s fingers and it almost felt like Xander was drawing him in, pulling him in deeper.

And while on one level he truly enjoyed this moment because Xander was just so fucking gorgeous like this, spread open and wanting, he hated it too. He hated that Angelus was seeing just how beautiful his Childe was, that he would even once get a chance at feeling how tight he was, how sweet it felt to be close to someone like Xander.

Spike really hoped the soul was stuck on tight, and that Angel would feel too guilty about Connor and doing this to Xander to really enjoy himself. Angelus had always loved to take whatever Spike held dear away from him.

If it came to that he’d go with Xander’s Plan B, and worry about sweeping the dust out of the room later.

A large hand touched him on the shoulder. “William, that’s enough.”

He turned his head and snarled, his true face breaking through unexpectedly. Reluctantly, he left his place and went to hold Xander in his arms. He couldn’t have stopped glaring at Angel if he tried. “If you hurt him…”

“Will, Spike, it will be okay.” Angel gave Xander a half smile. “Don’t worry, young one, this will be over soon.”

Xander had moved so that he was lying down on top of Spike and Spike's erection was boring a hole into his Childe’s back. He ran his hands down Xander’s arms soothingly and took his hands, wrapping their fingers together in a grip so tight that a human’s bones would have shattered.

Spike had to admit, Angel was careful when he entered Xander, going slow, letting Xander adjust. Still, when Angel pushed all the way inside there was a soft whimper of pain and Spike kissed Xander on the top of his head.

Spike found he couldn’t even look at Angel, or at where Angel was joined with Xander. Not that it wasn’t a beautiful sight, the soul didn’t make Angelus bad in bed, but he hated the thought of anyone else touching his Childe.

He looked down at Xander’s face and Spike saw that his lover was biting his lip. He looked like he was trying to control himself. Spike swore silently to himself in a hundred different languages. When Xander enjoyed sex he was very vocal but this time he was silent. That meant either he didn’t love it, or was afraid he’d hurt Spike’s feeling if he did.

He nuzzled Xander’s hair. “It’s okay to let go, pet. I won’t mind. Relax, luv.”

Immediately Xander’s true face came out and he let out a low groan and started thrusting back against Angel. “Ooh, so big, Daddy. Feel so full. Gods!”

Xander threw his head back and nearly screamed. Evidently the sounds he was making were turning Angel on just as much as Spike because his thrusting became faster, more erratic. The next few minutes were filled with the sounds of flesh hitting flesh and first Xander's and Spike’s and then Angel’s harsh breathing.

Spike had to grit his teeth at the combined weight of the other men pressing against his cock. He could feel where his pre-come had leaked on Xander’s back, making it easier for him to thrust against it, but he controlled himself. He had plans for Xander when Angel was finished.

Suddenly Angel growled in the back of his throat. “Gods! Xander…I’m going to…”

Spike leaned forward to speak into Xander’s ear. “You need to submit to him, pet. Just this once, right? He’ll bite you and give you some blood, then you’ll belong.”

He knew that last bit would guarantee Xander’s cooperation. All his life he’d felt like he was the outsider, like he didn’t fit in. He felt somewhat guilty taking advantage of Xander’s fears but wanted to make sure Xander didn’t fight this.


“Shhh, it’s okay. Just submit. It’ll be okay, Childe, promise.”

Xander had never stopped his movements but he looked through heavy lidded eyes, first at Spike and then Angel. He whined in the back of his throat and nodded, turning his head for easy access.

Angel must have been holding himself back for that because as soon as Xander bared his neck he slipped into his true face and leaned forward. Spike could sense the smell of blood added to the already rich scent of sex. He groaned at the sounds of feeding and fucking and found himself getting even harder. He unwound one hand from Xander’s grip and used it to keep his Childe from coming. Angel’s part would be over soon.

And then it would be his turn.

Angel suddenly reared back, his mouth painted red with Xander’s blood. He used his own fangs to tear into his wrist and presented it to Xander, who latched on and started feeding. Spike could feel him moan at the taste of such old blood.

As for Angel, his eyes were nearly rolling to the back of his head and Spike could see his hips going even faster, pressing harder into Xander’s body until he gave a rasping moan and came.

Xander was whining and pleading with Spike to let him come but he ignored his Childe for the moment. Angel was gasping and had nearly collapsed on top of them both but he shakily pulled out of Xander and moved to the other side of the bed.

Spike quickly took his place, hardly even waiting for Xander to adjust to being empty before he was thrusting into him, enjoying the feel of cool muscles clamping around his dick. This wasn’t going to take long, they were both too close to coming, but Spike was going to do his damned best to make it as intense as possible.

He threw both of Xander’s legs over his shoulders, nearly bending his Childe in half and Xander gasped at the change. He set a quick pace, pumping in and out as fast as he could while still hitting Xander’s prostate every time and Xander keened his enjoyment, his hands clawing at the sheets below him.

“You’re mine! My Childe! My lover! My forever! MINE!”

He leaned forward and sunk his fangs into his Childe’s neck, just below Angel’s mark. He brought one hand away from where he was bracing himself on the bed to urge Xander to bite at his own neck, sharing blood more intimately than they had ever before. He could feel Xander’s growl just before the sharp pain of fangs made itself known and he nearly came.

He continued to brace himself with one arm and used the other to work Xander’s cock, smearing pre-come all around the head before jerking him off to the same tempo as his thrusts. He could feel his balls drawing tighter and pushed his hips even harder, trying to bury himself in his lover.

Spike could feel Xander reach the edge as well, both of them hanging there together. He pulled away from Xander’s neck and growled, wanting to kiss Xander as they came but unable to use either hand to pull Xander’s head around without losing their rhythm.

Fortunately Xander was on the same wavelength and soon they were kissing, fangs and tongues and blood mixing and sharing and he could feel Xander as he started to come, his muscles rippling around his cock and pulling his orgasm from him in a wave of pleasure so intense his vision whited out.

When he came back to himself he had collapsed on Xander, his lover’s legs still over his shoulders, and he could still feel the aftershocks of their lovemaking running through him. He looked over at Angel and was shocked to see the look of longing on his Grandsire’s face. For once he actually felt sorry for the git, so he didn’t say anything, he just pulled out of Xander carefully and moved Xander so that he was lying comfortably on the bed.

Vampire or not, he’d be sore after that round of sex.

He had moved to the opposite side of Xander from Angel and they all three lay there quietly, the smell of blood and come and sex nearly overpowering his senses. It would be so tempting to start all over again but he didn’t really want Angel in on it and for once he didn’t want to push.

“So…that’s it. No words or mumbo jumbo? I’m all accepted now?”

Angel quietly smiled. “Yes, Xander, that’s it. Welcome to the Family. Such as it is. Even before I got the soul the Aurelius Clan was known for being…odd. I guess we just got a little bit weirder.”

Spike snorted. “Two vampires with a soul, one if which broods more than Batman on a bad night, and a crazy seer who talks to dolls. For once, I’m the normal one.”

Xander halfheartedly slapped at him, more out of habit than anything, and Angel rolled his eyes. They lay there peacefully. Spike allowed himself the luxury of cuddling next to his Childe in contentment. It had gone better than he’d expected -- Xander was safe and there were no broken bones. All in all, a good visit.

Xander took a deep breath. “Is it just me or is accepting someone into the Clan sort of like a bad porno movie? And why all of a sudden do I feel like a guy version of Emmanuelle? I mean, wasn’t there an Emmanuelle vs. Dracula movie that might be suing us for copyright infringement or something?”

Angel groaned at that and pulled the pillow from behind his head to cover his face. Seeing that, Spike let the laughter he’d been holding back go, laughing even harder when he saw the pleased look on Xander’s face.

The next few centuries were going to be fun as hell.

Part Twenty

“Xander! Will you get your shit together and get down here! For fuck’s sake, I may be immortal but I really don’t want to spend another century in this god forsaken hellhole!” He glanced over at Angel. “No offence, but let’s face it, mate, from what I’ve heard you’ve had giant roaches. That gives a place a bad reputation, you know?”

Angel closed his eyes and opened them again in a slow motion sort of blink. “You are leaving for good, correct? And taking your Childe with you?”

“No, mate, we’ve decided to buy the lot down the block and set up shop. Figured a little competition will do you good. Of course we’re leaving, you great big tit. Neither one of us wants to hang around and watch you try to bond with Angel Jr. Just as well, too, because Charlie thinks he’s being so sly by watching from the back room that he seems to forget that I’m a fucking vampire and can hear him breathe. If the bloke had any hair he would have lost it by now, angsting over me and Xan being here.”

He could hear an agonized groan from said back room and then a feminine giggle. Spike knew if given half a chance he’d probably like Fred. The little girl had some serious spunk, but her guard dog was more trouble than he was worth.

Angel made a soft sighing sound and Spike had to grin to himself. He knew Xander was doing something halfway evil upstairs, but he wasn’t sure what it was. All his Childe had said was to distract Angel downstairs. Spike chose to do this by yelling at Xander to hurry up and blowing smoke in Angel’s personal space.

In truth, he was almost sad to be leaving. Well, not really, but he did hope that the big idiot got things patched up with the Fruit of his Loins. If only so that Angel didn’t brood into the next millennium. And, in reality, Spike couldn’t blame Gunn for being overprotective; the human had lived too long with his kind making midnight snacks out of his family and friends.

Still, it was amusing to aggravate them. Almost as fun as winding Red up and watching her babble in embarrassment when she’d catch him and Xander having a snog.

There was the sound of thunder coming from the upper levels and Spike grinned to hear Xander making as much noise as was possible before attempting to slide down the banister. Since the stairs switched directions halfway he had to jump off and start again, making an even bigger racket, and Spike grinned to see Angel open his mouth and then close it.

He could almost see his Grandsire’s thoughts running across his face. “They’re leaving and I don’t have to see them again; I just have to wait a little bit longer and they’ll be out of my overly styled but fascinating hair.”

Or something to that effect, Spike was sure.

Spike looked at his lover as he pulled his duster closed around him. “Finally. Can we go now?”

“Sure, just a second.” Xander stopped right in front of Angel and looked at him before poking him in the stomach.

“Ah! What the hell?”

Xander grinned and bounced on his heels. “Just checking to see if you were evil. I’d hate to leave and you go on a killing spree. Then we’d have to come back up to kill you and I'd never get home.”

Angel nearly growled. “It’s supposed to be a moment of perfect happiness. Believe me, the two of you have been so annoying it would take a miracle for me to be that happy.”

Instead of getting angry, Xander just grinned and Spike didn’t even bother to hide his smirk. “You know that’s a good enough reason to make us stay, you know? We can hang out and check your closet for leather pants and velvet shirts once a week or something.”

Spike dug out a cigarette and lit it. “That doesn’t have to mean he’s Angelus, luv, could also mean he’s decided to run a stable of girls.”

Xander laughed. “Pimp Daddy Angel. Oh, that’s too funny!”

This time Angel did growl and turned to walk behind the lobby desk. “If I take enough aspirin will you both go away?”

Spike grinned. They’d annoyed Angel for a week now and he supposed it was time to give the older man a break. “Come on, pet, let’s get home. Oh, Peaches, if you ever decide to get your head out of your ass about Penfold, call the Magic Box.”


Xander rolled his eyes. “Wesley, you doof. Penfold to your Dangermouse, Q to your 007, the smart guy with the glasses. He’s moving to Sunnydale to work at the Magic Box. He wasn’t for the idea at first but I called Anya and she talked him into it.”

“Badgered the poor git, most likely. She might not be a demon anymore but your ex is still fucking scary.” Xander just shrugged and Spike walked over and threw an arm around his Childe’s neck, dragging him towards the door. “You know where we’ll be if you need us, Peaches. Have a fun time prancing around like a ballerina. Tell your minions they can come out of hiding now, we’ll be on our way.”

As they left both vampires could hear Gunn’s loud “Thank God!” and the sound of wood hitting wood. Xander got into the passenger side of their car and looked at Spike. “Sounds like Dangermouse is banging his head against the wall!”

Spike grinned. “And just what did you do before leaving? I refuse to believe it was that hard to find your shoes.”

Xander bounced in his seat. “You know those picture frames with the recorder?? The other night when we were out hunting, that was what I slipped into that specialty store for. I bought, like, ten of them. They’re hidden in about ten different places in the hotel and they’ll go off when there’s a loud noise or a door closes or something. It’ll take him a week to find them all.”

Spike couldn’t help it, he laughed. That was just so juvenile and such a Xander thing to do. “Do I want to know what you put on the little things?”

Xander shifted in his seat and Spike maneuvered the car into the traffic, heading towards the Hellmouth. “Different things. One was of me screaming your name, one was of me singing the Addams Family theme. Oh, and the one in his bedroom, it will play the Dangermouse theme song. Don’t want him forgetting about us, do we?”

“Only you, Childe, only you.”

“Sire? Do you think Angel and Connor will be okay?”

Spike sighed. “I don’t know, luv. It'll take more than a week to deal with that kid’s issues. But I think eventually it will because, if nothing else, Angel really does love him. I just hope that’s enough.”


The party was in full swing and Spike had to stand back and admire. Anya and Giles had already left to go back to the Mother Country, and more power to them. He knew that Xander was still friends of a sort with his ex but that didn’t mean he had to like it.

Dawn was babbling Wesley into submission in a corner of their living room. The entire gang had been invited over for a Housewarming/Deathday party. Willow and Buffy had frowned at that last bit but had come, which had made Xander happy to no end.

There was pizza and music and videos for the big TV for later on. The new Watcher was fitting in nicely and, while Xander’s prediction of him and Tara being a good couple hadn’t come through as of yet, they did work well together and Spike had to be glad for that. He owed Tara a great deal, and she was one of the few humans that he actually felt comfortable around. Didn’t treat Xander any differently either, which was good.

Red and the Slayer still acted on edge around Xander, even though it had been a month since his turning. They were in another corner of the room now, talking softly, and Spike turned his attention to check on Xander.

His Childe looked over his shoulder for a moment and threw him a quick grin. Xander was comfortable with being a demon, something Spike was thankful for each day. He was able to control himself for the most part, and even when he slipped and got too aggressive it was with good reason.

The biggest slip had been during one patrol not a week before, when a fledge had almost gotten Red. Xander had gone into an almost berserker like rage, tearing the entire group of fledges apart nearly single handedly. Both the Slayer and Red had looked sort of sick, which Spike didn’t really understand. You’d think they’d be glad he protected his friends, but instead they were disturbed by how violent he could be.

Then again, even when he was a human they had both underestimated Xander.

Spike heard his name and tried to pay more attention.

“I really don’t get it, Xander. I mean, it was weird when you two got together. It was like you were just friends and then all of a sudden started sleeping together. I just…why did you let him do it?”

Red’s voice was soft at the end and even Spike had to strain to hear it, and Xander’s voice was tightly controlled when he answered.

“It? Which it, Wills? Fall in love with me? Or turn me? You still don’t get it, do you?”

“No, and I’m trying. It's just…”

Willow trailed off and Spike glanced over there to see Buffy with one hand on his Childe’s arm. He growled in the back of his throat but stayed where he was.

“Let’s face it, Xander, it’s odd. And well, after what happened with me, with the Heaven thing and all, I guess we just don’t understand. Doesn’t choosing a demon mean you don’t get to go? Do not pass Go, do not collect $200?”

Xander sighed and Spike could hear a world of sadness in that one action. “No, I guess you really don’t get it, do you? Okay, see, Spike is a demon but I love him. I love him now and I loved him as a human. There was no way he was getting into the Pearly Gates or Summerland or whatever you call it. And since I love him, do you really think it would be heaven for me without him?”

Xander gave a sad sort of chuckle. “Besides, I get the best of both worlds now, the soul and living with Spike. How could I ask for anything more?”


Dawn was not far off by the time they finally settled in for their rest. The party had run late, and Dawn had fallen asleep in the middle of the floor and her sister had carried her out. Buffy and Willow had been quiet after their little talk with Xander, but as time wore on they seemed to thaw out.

Xander thought they were getting used to the idea of him being a vampire, but Spike blamed it on the froofy wine coolers.

“Xan, did you mean what you said?”


Spike’s voice echoed oddly in the pre-dawn quiet. “That bollocks about heaven and hell and all that.”

“Oh, that.” Xander snuggled in close to his body and Spike squeezed his Childe tight. “Sure. I mean, it’s like that old song, “If I gotta be damned, you know I wanna be damned, dancing through the night with you.” I’m not sure if there is such a thing as heaven, or another life or whatever, despite what happened with Buffy. But if there is, well, it wouldn’t be heaven without the one being I love.”

Spike pulled his Childe, his lover even closer than before and claimed his lips in a kiss. “God, Childe, just when I think I couldn’t love you any more, you go and say something like that.”

“I’m really glad you turned me, Sire.”

“Me too, pet. We’re gonna have a long and happy unlife together, you and I.”

The room was quiet for a few minutes before Xander turned to him.

“So…now that we’ve gotten the romantic stuff over with, do you want to fuck like bunnies?”

Spike grinned, knowing that his lover could see it in the weak light. “What do you think, Childe?”

The End

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