Notes: I have NO clue where this came from. I mean, I know I created it for the [info]bbtp_challenge here on Insane Journal, but it's much darker than what I usually write. Then again I suck at writing porn so . . . anyhow here it is! A short bit of porn. Maybe thanks to my lovely [info]suki_blue not only for the beta but for the title. Hope y'all like.
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.



Xander couldn't help it, he moaned low in his throat when Spike kissed him. It wasn't a sound of pain or fear but pleasure and he cursed himself. This wasn't supposed to be happening. It was supposed to be a trick. He should have known it would go wonky; after all, it had been Deadboy's idea to give him to Spike as a distraction.

Still, the longer he was in Spike's clutches, the less he fought. He didn't know why exactly, but Xander had a sneaking suspicion that it was partially because of Spike's weirdo girlfriend in the corner humming. And honestly, the other part was just how damn good Spike's mouth on his dick felt. And his hands. Spike had great hands: they caressed and touched just the right places to make Xander moan.

In fact, Spike's hands felt so good that Xander didn't even think of fighting when they spread his legs apart and started fingering a place that had never been fingered before. There was pain but Spike made the pain feel so good that Xander couldn't help but thrust backwards onto the fingers. Wonderful, magic fingers. Long and slim and they found a place that made Xander moan and writhe in lust.

Then there was something bigger than fingers, but that felt even better so Xander was all for it. There was a voice in the back of his head saying no and bad but he ignored it. He just felt too good, all hot and tingly. His breath was coming in gasps and he could hear his heart beating and Spike thrust in and out of his sheath. Faster and faster until Xander came, warm fluid hitting his chest as his vision grayed out.

A few minutes or so after that Spike came inside him and that seemed to trigger another orgasm, one so strong he didn't even notice the pain in his neck at first. He struggled but by then it was too late, Spike had him pinned. As he felt himself fade away he heard a musical voice move closer to the bed.

"Don't worry, kitten, Spikey will make it all better. And when you wake up you can have fun with Mummy and we'll all have tea and treacle tarts with Miss Edith."

The End

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